Friday, April 09, 2010

promises, promises

started going down early afternoon yesterday
- I think it's the plague -
and while today I feel a mite better,
the children are irritating eachother,
I'm pretending it isn't happening and burying further into my book,
and the house is going to pot.
so we could be checked out for a couple of days.

see you on the other side.

because there is another side....

  the Mirabelle tree has begun to sing.


  1. Hope you feel better soon. I've had it all week and then some. Blech.

  2. Not the plague? Feel better soon. It's so hard to be sick when there are kiddos to be tended to. Sending lots of healing vibes your way. -Debbie
    ps-Beautiful little blossom.

  3. Feel better soon! The house and kids will survive. The Mirabelle bloom is lovely. :)

  4. Oh, I hope you get to the other side soon!

  5. Drat. Feel better soon. :)

  6. been there done that. and yes there is another side. see you there :)

  7. Mike and I always say that anytime the Mommy is down (or otherwise occupied), there is always "collateral damage" to be paid. I'll be hoping and praying that yours won't be too severe, and a quick recovery for my sister dear.
    I love you and would come get them if I was there. xoxoxox

  8. Get well friend, and may the universe grant your promises tenfold :)

  9. Feel better soon! It's amazing how the kids will fight and the house will be hit by a tornado when mom is not feeling well.

  10. One of the difficult things about having kids that I've had to face is having to take care of them while I feel horrible. I keep telling myself that they are three now and it won't always be this bad, but in the moment it really does feel like hell on earth. I feel for you. Get better soon.

  11. My house has gone to pot and I feel fine.......easy to say but try and concentrate on you, and resting and sipping something healing.

  12. rest and tea are my remedy! the house can wait!

  13. I'm peeking out at you from my house gone to pot side's getting springy organized slowly..9am, still sipping coffee and watching a robin who built her nest on our back porch, and I rather think I'll stay here a while longer :o)


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