Saturday, April 24, 2010

plugged in

I realize no one cares but me, but we're plugged in again.  Quite literally.
New adapter and new battery - thank you and Sunvalley Tek!- for about a sixth of the price as the place up the street.  (not a local place, but a chain, so's don't go feeling bad for them - and it will always be my go-to place for rechargable batteries.)
That's better.

Sunshine, new Godzilla wii, charger and battery, soil-caked fingers and nails...
life is suh-weet!
: )
later, gator.


  1. Ooh, I have fantasies about a new computer battery. I'm pretty sure that my computer is supposed to last for longer than half an hour on battery power...

  2. Oh - I have to find the godzilla wii...

  3. Glad to here you are all plugged in again. :) You can't beat a sixth of the price.

  4. Silly! Of course I'm glad you're back...yippee for batteries!

  5. I care!!!! Glad to have you back online!


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