Friday, April 30, 2010

these days

Let's see if I can remember the last few days...
I guess I got used to being away from the computer when I was unplugged, huh?


We've played and ventured with MoonSand,
which evolved to prehistory recreation (with storytelling - I love my children's imgaginations)

and eventually to the volcano play.  Without extinction, of course, Trevelyn is very weary of mass extinctions.

We spent some time on a coin game - Maddie went to twenty-five with a six-sided die, and Trev went to 100 with a ten-sided. Whatever their die landed upon was what they took out of the pile - and Trev upgraded coins as he could, ending with four quarters.  He liked the game once he got the hang of always watching for the more valuable coin upgrade.

We've read, and read.

And played MadLibs.  

There was sunshine and warm,
and crazy winds,
trickling, drizzly rain,
and now there is snow.

We've made apple, peach, and berry turnovers.  yum....

walked to the store for special ingredients (strawberry cupcakes, mmmmmmm)

and we've tidied up and made messes.

There was a sleep-over at Grammys (successfully! ~ and... how odd to only have the Originals in the bed...)

Since then The Cousins (three, this time) have been back here, and there has been just about everything, I would say.
Wild, wild laughter,
Godzilla -on the wii - (Trev discovered the "unlock" code -Godzilla Unleashed- for characters on Toho Kingdom - you know all that research I'm always talking about??  Well, he is thrilled to have every character and city, now)
Let me also say here that I've loved seeing this - even if his research is mostly Mario stuff and Godzilla - he still reads pages and pages of dry material - production team stuff, history, creators.... and because of this, not only does he read remarkably well, but he knows how to find out information.  Some might say that it doesn't matter - that Godzilla doesn't fit into the world as fundamentally as division or adverbs, but I think it's very important... he is learning how to figure out what he wants to know.  He is problem solving, finding resources, and learning the how and why of things he is interested in.  I know that if he can learn this - completely on his own, as I've never helped him with this (he doesn't need me to), then he will have no qualms about finding information on the hows and whys of anything.  He is learning to navigate -- and that is the entire purpose of education, isn't it?  To navigate through so we will be well-prepared to live a rich and fulfilled life? 

fort building
more MoonSand
a floam disaster
puppy play
lego building


trampoline bouncing
hat making

a musical parade

animal creating (and evolution)

and now they're waking up in another deliciously warm puppy pile.

I wonder what wondrous things today holds....


  1. I love the parade with hats! Looks like you guys are having a lot of fun!

  2. Aw... love the "delicious puppy pile".... I second you on the digging for information bit - Owen is a determined researcher when he is interested in finding out about something and I agree with you - it is an invaluable skill in the "real world" :0)

  3. Learning how to figure things out for themselves is so important, children run with something that catches their eye and total immerse themselves in it, my son was 11 when they introduced computers at his school, he became fascinated,and went on to do a Computer Science degree at University and now at 30 is a senior web designer, and so loves computers. cheers Marie

  4. I love all the pics but especially the one of Maddie and the yellow balloon. It's fabulous!

    Oh, and every time you post about something yummy you've made I think I gain weight just thinking about it! You should create and OLM recipe section! The strawberry cupcakes always sound so, so, so good! :)

    Have a great weekend!


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