Monday, April 26, 2010

the last sunday in April

"Mom.... how is it that you thought my Godzilla wii game wouldn't be here until Monday or Tuesday - from Kentucky (he also wanted to know the particulars on where, exactly, Kentucky is) - and it got here today?"
I had expedited my laptop cord order, but not the game, and it was coming through the U.S. mail.  "Did they fly it?"
"Uh... I don't know.  I think they only fly it if it's overnighted, as it would be expensive, I would think.   Maybe train?  Does the USPS send things on a train?  I've never seen an official mail car....."  (And wouldn't it have to be 'official'?)
I really had no idea how it worked. 
So this morning -before Little Son woke up- I got to do some research on how the U.S. mail works.
Is it weird that I was fascinated???  I suppose it might be weird that I didn't know how it was done...
Turns out that mail by train was cancelled in 1967.  They used to tag along on passenger trains.  The Santa Fe lost like $35 million in annual revenue when they canceled.
So I found out about distribution stations, and roads, and that mail hooks can actually be patented.  I mean... of course they could, but it's a funny thing to think about... the first "mail hook" patent.  Not something I've ever considered.  And that the trains were often travelling at 70 mph or more when it happened.
And finally I got to see how the mail is actually picked up by the train's hook (mail delivery for no scheduled stops), and find out that the attendant actually kicked the mail out of the train - making sure to kick it hard enough that it didn't get sucked under the train.  Fascinating.  lol.  I got to share it all with Trevy when he came in for morning loves.

Maddie is loving NetFlix.  Bolt, at the moment.  Though ScoobyDoo has put in an appearance, as well as Clifford.

wiiiii.  ScoobyDoo.

Over the last couple of weeks I've been thinking "architecture".  We have a few buildings downtown that I'd like to explore, and when we are downtown we like to look for gargoyles and grotesques.  Yesterday I sent an inquiring email to our local catholic cathedral - The Cathedral of the Madeleine.  I also found out, suprisingly, that the second building I wanted to visit - our State Capitol, was open to viewing. 
Last week we drove right past the capitol (only a few feet away) and while it is situated in our city so that it is viewable from a far distance, we don't usually travel close.  The other day when we were driving with my mother, she drove right past it.  Trevelyn was awed.  He was very enthusiastic about the size and stateliness of the building - so of course it put the idea of an upcoming visit into my head.
Sunday seemed like a good day, as I didn't suppose there would be a lot of people there. 
It was... magnificent.

*  *  *

On the way home we stopped at Liberty Park for a few minutes - EarthJam was going on, to celebrate Earth Day.  We stayed long enough for a ride in a car, and a snowcone and icecream.  That was enough for us - with the promise that we'd come back soon and play.
To home - for reading and snuggles and jumping and play.

We get another day all together today - a leisurely 'at home' day.

A friendly day of blue sky and sunshine.  ' Can't wait.


  1. It is beautiful, isn't it?! I'll have to pack up my fam and take a day trip up there one of these days.

  2. Wow, Amazing!!! Love the photo of the guys on the stairs.

  3. i love love love the postal system - we were just talking about the "dead letter office" the other day. i think i'd like to work there... they only fly it or does it zoom across country in a semi?

  4. Nope, it's driven in trucks between distribution stations. :)

  5. Oh - I loved all the mail info - and the photos are great too!

  6. Wow! everything looks so majestic. Love the ceilings, and the photo of the kids on the stairs!

  7. What a very impressive building, cheers Marie


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