Monday, April 12, 2010

april twelve

the very earliest morning, today
was filled with warmth and light.
isn't that lovely?
warmth and morning and light,
all in the same breath?
how singular!

while outside,
we found a few beauties.

raspberry leaves!

and sweet woodruff



and blue plum blossoms.

what can you possibly do at this point,
but move into the garden?


for digging
and composting
and transplanting
and feeding (organically, of course)


and there's been jumping
and being close to Dad -
he's been sorely missed this week
(due to long hours)

and the making of a Godzilla video.

Godzilla research.
Trevelyn's research has moved into the film industry.  
"Woh," said his Mama, "is that a film someone made?"
"Yeah," he says, "it's stop animation."
"Oooooh, is that what you were trying to do earlier?"
I think we'll be checking into this further.....

 a family bike ride!

and then
"to the pool!"


i'm loving seeing them learn how to swim, by exploration.  
Each time we go, they get more daring (Maddie), and their strokes improve (Trev).
learning -no mater what sort- really is a beautiful thing to witness.

Maddie sleeps
Trev does research
Daddy is piddling
and Mama is about to go find a new book.

we're so, so good.
and life is so,

'til tomorrow, then.

this gets put in the "get outdoors every day challenge" at Lisa's place.


  1. longest comment ever:
    (feel free not to post it!)

    I wrote this last June:

    One of my greatest pleasures as a parent so far has been watching the evolution of my children from nervous non swimmers to confident, comfortable, merpeople-like swimmers. Maybe it's because I have never become completely confident in the water. Or maybe it's they have never had any official instruction. The whole evolution has been entirely at their own pace. Whatever the reasons, it gives me great joy!

    Last week my kids spent a few days swimming from morning until night. By the end of those days, all three of them were swimming underwater, somersaulting, doing handstands, grabbing things from the bottom of the pool, etc. They were having the time of their lives. Not to mention they have gained such confidence from accomplishing something on their own. And from knowing that they are so amazingly good at listening to their inner voices.


  2. It does my heart good to hear you say, nearly every day, some variation of "we're so, so good. and life is so, so good."

  3. 'til tomorrow, then. cheers Marie

  4. Jean - as if I wouldn't publish it. [rolls eyes]
    it's crazy how happy it makes me. :)

    Lise - thanks so much. it makes me happy, too. :)

    Marie - 'til tomorrow!

  5. OH! Love your raspberry leaves and fruit tree blossoms! My apricot tree just blossomed today! (Praying it doesn't freeze!) I'll have to photograph it tomorrow, it are so beautiful! :)

  6. Ha! You are right. The photo in the tube looks alot like the bubble window pic from the museum. Synchronicity! ;)

    Lots of the same things greening here right now. Love it.

  7. Love seeing the kiddos in the pool.

    Dylan just learned to swim this past summer. He put on a pair of arm floaties, and then ran straight off the diving board. I thought my heart would absolutely stop, and I was running to jump in, when he surfaced (laughing) and swam his way to the ladder. By the end of the summer, the arm floaties were off, and he was swimming like a pro! It is amazing how quickly they learn!

  8. Love your "life is good" affirmations! Your positivity brings so much joy to others. Thanks.

  9. oooo lavender, some sachets maybe? love this weather and your gardeners :o)

  10. I love looking at pictures from your garden. Do you mind me asking how large your property is? You grow so many different things. We're growing seedling inside this year for the first time - just tomatoes, different herbs and eggplant. Later in the season, we're going to try melons, pumpkins and carrots. Also, how long have you been gardening?

  11. Chris - lol
    Very small! A bit less that 1/5 of an acre. ( :) really, really small if you consider two patios, two driveways, a small pool, the tramp, a swingset, the playhouse....)

  12. Ah the start of your garden and swimming posts...yay....divine divine!!


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