Friday, April 16, 2010

april sixteen

' been out of pocket this last week, hmm?
had to do some sliding on slippery slopes, but i think i've got my bearings, now.

today was stuffed full of easy and play and love.

deliciousness looked like a fine, warm morning.

waking in a puppy pallet.
new adventures.

over-warmed pink cheeked babies. 
four of 'em.

it looked like running
and loving
and leaping
and conquering.

the day passed while flying and leaping
and now this evening shall be sunk into

with quiet,
and Still.

that will do.


  1. Sounds like a busy day. I love that last picture.

  2. O - there's nothing like a nice tired sleep...

  3. That last picture, oh my goodness!! I hope you kissed those sweet, sleepy cheeks for me!! That is just so precious. xoxoxox

  4. A busy day, and blissful sleep at the end. cheers Marie

  5. Oh, good day :-) And I love that last picture too.

  6. Love that last photo. Cupcake bliss?

  7. I love the last picture.

    It's when they collapse in a heap that you know the day has been completely and utterly spent.


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