Wednesday, April 07, 2010

april seven :

blue sky today.

 they were peeping at us to let us know.
the spinach sprouts are getting their second (regular) leaves!


two on the computers.
Phineas and Ferb and Dora's Puppy Adventures.

and we admired -and ra-a-tat-tat-ted to- our neighborhood woodpecker.

since we -finally!- have nice weather today (but cold, still) I thought that Creating en plein air was going to be quite the thing.  but what???
eventually I had the idea that honoring Mama Nature with the lovely tools around us would be a fine idea.

we gathered grass... to make grass, and sticks ... to make trees, and flowers, to make flowers.
and leaves, and dried blossoms, and whatever looked like it would make an interesting print.

and we used these things (and not paint brushes) to make our art pieces.

and we played more letter and number games on the trampoline.

and Maddie wanted to plant something! and so we looked through our seeds for something that could be planted four weeks before the last frost.
swiss chard!

so that's done, too.

maddie folded and hung up laundry.

we made fossil casts.

 Trev and his mama discussed Play.
(and decided that the trampoline was quite The Place to do so.)

the rest of tonight looks like

"the jumping numbers game"
" Ten!  plus five!  equals (jump to 15...) minus two!...."

and dinner

and our latest movie- Harry P and the Sorcerer's Stone.
with popcorn and redvines, of course.

and so. that will do.
prob'ly we'll see you tomorrow...

This post goes to 5 Orange Potatoes Great Outdoor Challenge,
as well as OLM (Too.)'s Family Nature Club.


  1. We are getting a new trampoline in the next few weeks. I can't wait to do chaulk on it!

    Drue saw the bird picture and said "that bird is absolutely gorgeous".

    All good, yes?!!

  2. Oh indeed...those pictures are stunning. Way to go kiddos.
    I so want a trampoline! -Debbie

  3. Very cool woodpecker!
    Love the painting utensils and the paintings are wonderful.
    Today was our last day of sun for a couple of days, bummer!


  4. Awesome!

    Tomorrow is a YES day, inspired by you and the way you captured light and space in your yes post - I want some too!

    Slowly turning life around to the sun, revolution/evolution is a slow thing coming along... but so worth the wait!

  5. When I was sick for so long in bed I red Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I like those people. :)

  6. Love that dinosaur bones mold!

  7. At least Maddie gave the seeds enough water. :)

    Matt wants a trampoline so badly - the kids would love it.

  8. Sarah - what happened to yours?

  9. Love the nature created art pieces! They are just fabulous!

  10. love love love those nature paintings! tres gorgeous they are.

    and the trampoline games look like so much fun!!

    can we come over and play with ya'll;)?

  11. See? It is SNOWING here! ;)

    We've been in the garden and making garden prints/signs/art too. LOVE it!

  12. Trampoline envy here! It looks great. And wow, what a close shot of the woodpecker. I heard one the other day but it was much too far to get a picture of. I, too, like those fossil molds:)

  13. Mmm spinach! My when Spring appears in your parts it truly bursts forth. That woodpecker is so such thing around here...yes very cool indeed.

  14. I am always amazed by how much you guys do during your happy days! Do you have more hours than me?

    Also, WHERE did you get those fossil casts? I have the sneaking suspicion that those could be pretty popular little numbers around our house.

  15. We have a neighborhood woodpecker too. I love the paintings very pretty! Great photos.

  16. Love the little leaves and flowers paintings!

  17. Thanks for linking, you're a star!!!


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