Sunday, April 04, 2010

april four: Sunday morning.

We played with the k'nex this morning - it was on our list.

Today was the first day in a few that we've actually written a list of "things to do" - the first day we've had quiet and still enough for a plan. As usual, we don't know in the beginning if it will be completed, but that is never the point.  It's to have our days filled with things we enjoy and someone beside us with which to share it, as well to create with intention.  It works for us.

Maddie and Daddy worked together to clear off the trampoline (snow) so some bouncing could be had today.

I showed Trevelyn the card game "War" this morning.  Instead of single cards, we used two and added them for competitive totals.  I'm thinking you could also switch this up, and use subtraction, going for the lowest score. For instance - a 10 and a 3 would leave 7, a Jack and a Queen on the other side would leave "0", so "7" takes the cards - you could aim for "first one out of cards wins". 

I went over to Cool Math Games and found this gem - which I think is the coolest thing (for a quick, fun game).  :)  I like it every bit as much a Bloxorz!

In the tone of slow and easy, the babes and Eric walked to the grocery up the street.
While the Mama just absorbed the quiet.

Gravity Grid.


The Allowance Game.


And Tokyo.

(BaffleBlox and legos)
And elevators.

And evidently that wasn't enough,

for the one inch blocks were needed, too,
as well as the Jenga.

And more Tokyo.
And Curious George.

There were made up songs (sounded like a version of Jingle Bells)

And now we have dinner,

and then some popcorn that tastes like Fly Me To The Moon (love NetFlix).


All is well here.


  1. Snow? Oh, no... scratch SLC off places I may ever want to live!

    Your day looks lovely, as usual :)
    Love Toyko. Right up our alley.

    The kids love War. I will have to share your ideas with them.

    See you tomorrow!

  2. Oh goody - more math games to check out - I needed some more !!

    Owen really enjoyed Fly Me To The Moon :0)


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