Friday, April 23, 2010

april 22 : a day of earth

i was thinking yesterday as i was throroughly enjoying myself that it can only be good for our spirits to totally immerse ourselves like this sometimes.

to let it warm us. 
to let it bathe us.
lift our hearts.
heal us.
that's what yesterday was like for me.

the berm in front of my house needed total care - as Miss Annabelle has annihilated it over the last couple of years, so what had been left barren was completely dug up and given love. (Maddie helped me.)

a lovely gift for me.

the day itself was rainy off and on and cool, but it felt as if the earth was offering love and kisses to anyone that was willing to sit for a moment, and i took up the offering.

 i am replenished.


  1. Love the flowers - and I too like to be totally immersed in a project...

  2. A beautiful way to see Life

  3. There is something magical about dirt I think.

  4. Oh how I love our dear Mother Earth. cheers Marie

  5. It's the dirt. Warm dirt IS magic.


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