Thursday, April 15, 2010

april 14 : six ways of Perfect

lots of pretend play across the kitchen floor this morning.
ponies and people,
cooking and rescuing.

the blue, blue sky called to us,
and of course we answered back.

first thing into the garden.

skeleton assembly.

honey bees!

o, glorious bees!

trampoline play
shadow play
bubble play.

we made our list of Things To Do Today.

played on the patio - Godzilla, legos, et al
(while Mama caught up)

and we made sandstone.

friends called to say "Park?"
we said, "uuuuuuuuuh....."
and you know we did.

we hopped on our bikes,
stopped off for a slurpee,
and were on our way.

With Friends looked like pool play
and jumping
and scooting
and computer play
and dressing up
and tea parties
-at least two-
and, finally,
the park.

we love you, friends.
and life is still good.


  1. Bees and bubbles! That's good living.

  2. Nice, happy day!
    LOVE that bee photo!

  3. oh yay for your blue skies...

  4. your days always sound so full, so joy-full. So lovely to hear of a family enjoying every experience that comes their way and living life to the full. x

  5. Love your bee and blossom. Is that an apricot blossom? Ours just bloomed the beginning of the week. :)

  6. Love the picture of the honeybee in flight! Just perfect!

  7. you caught that bee in mid-air awesome! If only we lived closer, I'd be calling you guys for park days too :o)


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