Thursday, March 18, 2010

Yarn Eggs

We’ve made three different kinds of eggs today. :)

Here’s one of them.

For this one we used small, cotton yarn, and since we’re talking Holiday, we’re also using yarn that we’ve dyed

and then spun ourselves, for enchantment’s sake.

We believe in Magic, after all.



“This is so, so soft…..”

Something important to remember:

Colors add to everyday enchantment, if you are willing to suppose they do.

Traditionally, White can be a substitute of any color, a combination of all colors, as well as symbolic of cleansing, purity, truth-seeking, spiritual enlightenment, and healing.

Yellow represents communication, knowledge, and repels negative energy.

Pink represents friendship, femininity, honor, and service.

Purple represents the spiritual world, idealism, and success.

Green represents good luck, money, rejuvenation, harmony, prosperity, and growth.

Blue represents inner light, truth, peace, wisdom, and harmony.

Is it any wonder we honor pastels in the Spring?

We got a few small balloons from our jar, and blew them up just a little.

We fetched the craft glue, watered it down a bit, and then stirred it with a paint brush.

We cut a few three-foot long (or so) pieces of yarn,and tucked them (one at a time, as we were working with them) into the pot of glue solution.

Then we just wrapped the yarn, willy-nilly around the balloon.

We hung up the wrapped balloon by its knotted end on the clothes line, and let it drip for a while.

When they began to firm and dry, we squeezed them a bit, enhancing the “egg” shape.

We let them dry overnight


And in the morning popped the balloons, and then peeled them away from the yarn,

and then took care to reshape the eggs.

Happy renewal and Springtime to you.

Special Thanks goes to Donni of The Magic Onions for the reminder of this beloved yarn craft.


  1. I have done this and it turned out to be my favorite craft...... Thanks for sharing..........

  2. I totally forgot I wanted to make a bunch of these with my girls! love your yarn eggs!

  3. They came out great, and I love the yarn you used.


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