Monday, March 08, 2010

our sunday

After two days that were filled up with friends, Sunday we had to ourselves.

We moseyed


and piddled.


Maddie's. Love this.

We contemplatively composed and played music

and accomplished huge feats - as in "I won Clifford!" (She has completed and won all of the games. She's been playing the cd for about a year, now.)
We researched

made gifts
and we investigated.

We made a surprised treat for a brother (who was sporting a stuffy ear and was most vexed by it)

and hosted Yet Another Tea Party.
I think that's five in three days.

Our love affair with Magic School Bus continues

as does the love affair with Life.

To be continued!


  1. Love the concentric circles art project. Looks like a fun day. :)

  2. What a sweet Sunday! ya gotta love Clifford and the Friz...

  3. The circles are awesome. What a good mama you are :)

  4. I love that artwork, beautiful :)

    Warmth and Joy just shine out from your blog,it always makes me smile and think how good life is.

    Gina x

  5. Ahhh... sounds like a nice Sunday. I need to get the boys (and myself) some new pastels soon.

  6. what a happy day without going too far afield. Must get better at the days at home at this house.

  7. Wow! checking in here! You guys have been doing lots! Loving the circle art and the snow men!

  8. sounds like a super sunday. Much as we love spending time with friends, we always savour those days when it's just us, especially if there has been a lot going on in the days before; nothing like pottering and meandering with the family to provide a balm to the soul.

  9. Love Maddie's circles/ink artwork!

    My two are right into Magic School bus atm as well (we received a bunch of hand me down books and videos from a friend).


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