Monday, March 15, 2010

monday: home, part two: corners

The O.L.M from Mama's standpoint continues...
Sometimes life just works out that way.

So once you (are able to) get through the doorway, do you go straight for the corners?

oof. :)
that seems to be typical for me.

Cleanin' and redoin' ain't very pretty around here. It looks quite chaotic and messy, as a matter of fact - dragging, undoing, questioning, unearthin', reorganizing, tossing, kicking up dust clouds, renamin', examining with the monocle...

I went downstairs to straighten up a bit - you know- maybe to rearrange a shelf or two because of that "crowded" and a little over-stuffed world I was experiencing...

and of course I couldn't escape until 'twas done.
Dude. Sunshine and mid-fifties, and I spent the day in the dungeon! :)

Here's more of our life and home.


Reading and History

Art and Science (Science bottom two shelves)
(oh - and don't fret, there are another six or so shelves upstairs containing art supplies.)

BoldScience II

Dress up




new and improved Doorway

So we're clearing the cobwebs.
The physical ones, as well as the less tangible ones.

Doorway to Mama's room.

Mama's room

The Timeline

And coming forth, into the sunlight. Or weblight, as the case may be.

I took the time to listen to dh

go on and on and on give a report of his newest skis

and came up for air now and again.

The basement has been officially spring cleaned!!!

And -even more significantly!- Maddie said Girl today.
Oh. [sniff.]

Tomorrow - into the sunshine!

This post is the first of a new series of posts for Mondays, called Life. On Mondays. Today's theme was Corners. Wanna Play? Join in any time this week at OLM (Too.), next Monday is Windows!


  1. you are a force of nature, woman! you can clean, organize and rearrange like NO OTHER mother!

    that time line still moves me.

    happy spring!

  2. Wow, your home is lovely, it is wonderful to get a little peek into your lives.

    I too, love the feeling of rearranging and sorting.

    I look foward to seeing more :)
    Gina x

  3. Our life (well, mine, anyway, though the children are helping, as I'm asking a lot "are you done with this? can we give it away?") is cleaning right now, so we'll share the process, and goodness and freedom it brings.
    Seein's how it's a daily blog, and all. :)
    Additionally, I often shoot in macro, so it's probably hard to get a feeling of "home".
    Other than that, I always love seeing others spaces, so it seems only fair! :)

  4. You did an amazing job! When I see your pictures, I just want to come dive in to learn and create. What a fun space you have there!

  5. That's a lot of sorting! I am definitely in spring cleaning mode too.

  6. WOW! Clean and organized! so lovely... Bawh, on girl....But anyway, you have been a busy one, and it all looks fantastic!

  7. wow. your shelving would fill our entire house. we only have 1400 square feet. ;P

    i've been organizing too. every 2 or 3 weeks i must go through all our boxes of supplies in our dining room and sort, clean, organize, re-stock. :)


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