Wednesday, March 03, 2010

march two

Yesterday seems to have been a transition day.
I roamed around trying to get stuff done, but mostly just roamed around.
Package didn't come (comes today).
Didn't really resolve anything.
Wasn't much help to my children.
Easily distracted by a hundred other things that needed attention.
No sun.
No sun.
Doesn't sound so bad, but I'm very, very weary of gray clouds and almost rain and almost light and almost warm.

So mostly I just started organizing things in my head.
Thinking spring cleaning.
Thinking cleansing.
Letting the doors and windows open a little to allow Mother Wind to do a bit of sweeping.

We all just kind of wandered around lost, I think.
Waiting for something Fine to happen.

But now it's seven a.m. of the next day, and I'm ready for it.

Welcome to the new day!


  1. All the spring and sun talk amaze me. We still have gray, cold days with snow on the ground. Still looks like winter here and if I were to open the window, I would get freezing temperatures swirling around. I am not complaining, I just don't know what to think of all the spring talk out there. Hope your day goes smoother today and that the sun shines all around..inside and out.

  2. yea, soudns about right. times of transition can be like that. a little lost , floating, dreamy and just down right weird and painful.

    you'll get your footing soon. happy cleansing. :)

  3. days like that can be so odd can't they - sometimes it's all just too frustrating - bad weather and bad moods and nothing particular getting done, other times taking a day to dream and plan and think ahead can feel really positive. Hope it was the latter in the end for you.


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