Wednesday, March 24, 2010

march twentyfour: nothin', really.

today has looked like nothin'.
we started out with Magic School Bus-- Inside Ralphie, because the babes have had a relapse with this damned cold. sheesh. no sickness all through winter, and now the same damned thing again and again.

Trevy has been preparing himself for the worst, these last few days. his 'tendo ds was sent to the shop. he's been worried. "I just hope Nintendo has seen worse things than this..." he kept saying, "like broken keys or something... that's worse, right?" poor Bud.
of course we've been tracking and checking in with Nintendo (so he can see how the whole process works, you know), and finally on Monday they just said "returned", and "here's your tracking number....". no news other than that. other than it says on their website that cracked screens and physical damage (uh... would that include biting and then a few days later accidentally dropping it?) were not covered. so, needless to say, we were nervous.
good thing our UPS guy comes at about 11am, otherwise we'd probably have had strokes.
and the verdict?
a new system was sent to us.
Little Son (and his Mama) says that Nintendo is quite okay with us.

so of course that took up a bit of Trevy's day, today.
an' he quite forgot about his wretched headache and sniffles.

what else nothin'?
Maddie's puzzle she created yesterday.

Maddie and I have been playing with shadows and the sun the last few days... but before today it has gotten cloudy at two or so in the afternoon. today we finished our project. just to see.

an' there was this sort of nothin'

and this sort

and this kind, too.

We visited with Harry

and the States

and finally my favorite bit of nothin' at all

see? nothing, really.

an' that works, too.


  1. Your nothing is really something!

  2. Carrie @

    I stumbled across your blog--love your pics! You definitely have a talent for getting the details. You do an excellent job of relating a story with pictures...thats hard to do. Keep up the good work.

  3. Our Nintendo is in the shop too. Those touch screens should really be more durable! Yay for warranties!

  4. we are just getting over the longest running (well, seems like it when it is warm & sunny outside - 8 days is a long time) spring colds. that time of year...

  5. All of these wonderful things were much better than the DS! What a nice day.

  6. Yay for mandalas. Love your shadow project.

  7. Looks like Maddie is not hooked on the machine yet at least.

  8. She likes to play for a little while, and then moves on. Too many things to do!

  9. Lovely sort of nothing!

    I love the new photos in your header by the way, so beautiful :)

    Gina x

  10. Your new header is so fresh and pretty! I really love the shadow art with Maddies ponytails :D and the angle you took the photo, it looks as if your shadows are balancing on the fence. Maya has been searching for rolypoly bugs too, she found her first caterpillar of the season a few days ago yay spring!

  11. Tan Family - not to us or our nerves! :)

  12. Ya gotta whole lotta nothing goin' on...What fun!


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