Wednesday, March 10, 2010

march ten

Oh, goodness, we're a third of the way through March, already!

We've pretty much been indoors lately - partly due to house projects that Mama would like to see to, partly due to the babes' colds, and mostly due to the gray and cold outdoors.
Not real excited about gray and cold these days.

"Soon!" I keep telling myself. Which really means "Be patient. Be Present. Enjoy the Now!"

So, none-the-less, indoors all is well.

Ideas and imaginations are flowing pretty freely, and there really isn't much I could or would ask for more than that. To have the babes engaged, using their minds, and happy is the ultimate goal, so this Mama is well satisfied of late. :)


play dough

We looked through our book The Usborne Art Treasury over breakfast. We're thinkin' 'bout a few things.

There was a few minutes of Harry's The Sorcerer's Stone.

An' a couple rounds of Hex.

Totally loving that. Trev is picking it up quickly. I look forward to actually figuring out the game and becoming good at it.

Star Flyers.

Some crafty art for Madd.

* **

Maddie and Soleil on a teeter-totter.

Independent, made-up, inquiring 'speramints.
I'm gonna make a speriment. To see what floats.
Down the tube, and into the water.

* * *

No bake cookies.

I've been trying for a while now to make a relief art project work.... I've tried several different mediums, several different ways.... finally, today, satisfaction!
Wanna know? :)
Here you go.

Lady and the Tramp.

More StarFlyers.
Works for me!


.... and then Madd had an idea to make clothes for her stuffed animals and dolls.
I told her that I wasn't up for it tonight (sheesh!) but that I'd be happy to dig in the garage and wash linens and get out the sewing machine tomorrow for clothes...
She said "No," that she wanted to get right on it. With paper.
So instead we headed back downstairs (for the hundredth time today) to forage for baby scrap-booking paper.
I'm definitely not a scrap-booker. I'm a blogger. Paper is easy to part with.
So! Madd happily makes baby clothes.

"When a gril gots to do it, a gril gots to do it!" said Madd. lol.

Is it noon, yet?
[grin] Just kidding.

So she cooks in the kitchen
(gotta put those bibs to use....)

and Trev heads to his computer

and Mama is tired. Again. :)

"Mom.... I wanna make some hats....."

Here we go....


  1. your days are so plum chock full o' good stuff.
    love that bib.

  2. That is one resourceful little girl you've got there! Brilliant!

    Oh, and I responded to the comment you left on my blog post from yesterday. Go check it out. ;) And, thanks again! :)

  3. Your days really are full of wonderful things!

  4. 'Cause a gril's gotta do what a gril's gotta do! Too cute! :)

  5. YUM - no bake cookies - we love those - is 'hex' like the old Othello game?

  6. Lady & The Tramp. A classic. That was one of my favorites when I was growing up. My oldest really likes it.

    Looks like you all had a fun filled day with lots of different projects.

    I'm loving the homemade bibs, and hats, very cute!

  7. Affectioknit - Somewhat, sort of... more like Go, I think. You try to get across the board with a solid line.

  8. Dylan and I were staring at the screen trying to imagine what Hex is all about. We kept coming up with different rules, and ways to win.

    Then, as I scrolled down to the no-bakes, he said, 'Mom, you haven't made those in a long time, have you?' It's been too long. So, we tripped it up to the store, and now we've armed ourselves with pb & oats for tomorrow!!

    Inspiration can be such a yummy treat!

  9. That bunny picture is to die for.

  10. Maddie, you go gril!
    I used to scrapbook a lot until I discovered the bloggyworld :D


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