Tuesday, March 16, 2010

march sixteen

The first half of our day was possibly lazy and definitely slow. aaaaaah. :)
It's a fine, fine life that lets you decide for yourself when -if!- it's time to get goin'.
Ice cream cones. Rocky Road. Might have been breakfast.

Harry's chapter five.



More Godzilla research, as well as Godzilla lectures. Oh, yes! One can wax Lecture upon Godzilla. Or Mario history. Or Mario info. As easily as dinosaurs, actually.

Tricks. Jumpin, playin' trampoline rasslin' tricks.

More play.

A discussion of "hang-out" time. We try to do a together time every day. To spend a few hours together doing cool things.
"Whatcha wanna do?"
"Uh..... go to the park."
" 'Kay. What else?"
"Stories!" Madeleine.
" 'Kay, what else?"

I owed Maddie Rapunzel, so she and I took care of that, first. Then read a small-ish stack of other books of her choosing.
For our Time Together, we went downstairs to investigate. 'Cause, you know. Our things have mostly been cleared out and re-organized, so most of the Stuff is downstairs.

Cuisenaire rods!

That'll do, thinks his Mama.
We started out with, "Addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division?"
And so it was.
A milestone today...,. "Nine plus four."
"Psh. Easy. Thirteen."
So... since when did that become a no-brainer? But instead, "Why is it easy?"
Another "Psh. Because if ten plus four equals fourteen, then nine plus four must equal thirteen!"
Blink. "Absolutely," said his Mama. No big deal to some of you, I know, but take drills and quizzes and repetition out of it, and what are we left with? They still learn it.
On to subtraction. Mostly without the Cuisenaire rods. Because this stuff can mostly be done in his head, evidently. (Don't ask me. Wasn't like that the last time we played with numbers.)
Next we played for a few minutes with multiplication. With the rods, this time.
Then division. This was his first intro into division.
We did a bit of discussing for this one.... I brought up "Fact Families". He's bemoaned Fact Families in the JumpStart game, not knowing what the hell it has to do with the price of tea in China, but today, with the intro to division, I showed him 6, 1, and 7 go together with subtraction and addition, and also how six divided by one will still equal six, relating to six times one being six.
"Aaaah, tricky!", said he. :)
"See, Bub? Numbers aren't that strange, after all. Not so hard. They relate to each other."
A most helpful practice, today, I am thinking.
For another "together" he chose the marble run. And legos.
I set them up with the marble run while I got myself and us ready to go.

To the park! To the park!!
We found Trev's bike tire to be flat, so he took his Scoot, and Maddie and I loaded up the bike and trailer.
Out comes the Explorer Pack for the next several months! :) (Paper towels and homemade hand stuff, emergency granola bars, a magnifying glass or two, camera batteries, first aid kit, etc, etc)

Stopped at 7-11 for a slurpelicious (ick) on the way.

Madd voted for the library, and she got another "together, so off to the library we went.
And since we had a dollar or two on us, we went to our favorite pizza place for a pie to be had over library books. You know - even though Mama had come totally prepared, and we had sat with a picnic dinner at the park.

Rode home in the dark, but it's all in the neighborhood, and we do well enough.

We're happy.
And tired.
And are looking forward to one more day in the sunshine, tomorrow.

Ain't life grand?


  1. YES! looks great.

    had a similar math moment the other day, played a "race to 100" with our math blocks (look similar) - halfway through E looks at me, says, "wait, this is easy. is this math?????" umm...

    is that witch hazel, in the photo between the watery ones? it's neat looking...

  2. Slim - "to one hundred" is a great idea! I'll remember that. Thanks!

  3. Oh - and I don't know what it is! It's at our neighborhood park...

  4. Lovely day! Rocky Road for breakfast? Excellent.
    Late evenings home from the park - a taste of the delights to come. We've had a whole weekend of sun, so I'll accept the rain sprinkles today :-)

  5. Perfect! Sounds like a wonderfully perfect day :)

    BTW, we went through a *HUGE* Godzilla phase here. Who knew there was so much to know about it! Declan's Godzilla toys are some that will never be given away as they were such a huge part of his childhood :)

  6. What a full day!

    And that sounds like a wonderful might-have-been-breakfast.

  7. I love how Trev explained how it got his answer to the math problems and I love how effortlessly it seemed to come for him. I hope that the same holds true for my girls in a few years!

    It truly is a testament to the natural ability children have to learn things and the ease at which it happens when not forced upon them to do so. Fabulous!

  8. hrmj - this is round two for us. It's been about a year since he's been interested in any of it, but I guess discovering Wikipedia has opened up a whole new world. :)
    I told him we could request stuff at the library, today, since they didn't have anything at ours yesterday.

  9. Love your pics! I referrenced them on my blog post today. :) http://merriemelody.blogspot.com/2010/03/happy-st-patricks-day-signs-of-spring.html

    Have a wonderful St. Patty's Day!

  10. You have captured the early days of Spring so beautifully at the park.

    We're finding Owen asks math questions out of the blue - we answer them and he's good for awhile.
    No interest in math games or computer stuff.... I'm looking into sacred geometry now - seems cool and he might agree to take a peek :0)

  11. What a glorious day you had! I love your pictures.

  12. Yes, life is so good!!

    I agree with Stephanie...I LOVE your images! Really awesome captures!

    It's been rainy here, so we've spent some extra time reading on the couch. I am at one end, and dylan is at the other, with our feet overlapping. I love it when he just chuckles while lost in the pages. Makes me smile every time...

  13. I'm smiling because I call my kids "Bub", too. The boys as well as the girls. :)


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