Wednesday, March 31, 2010

march last

Grammy came by first thing this morning to invite us Out.
The Mama told her that she had an idea of Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel at the dollar movie, and Grammy was eager to join in. There was a single eyebrow raised over that, but whatever.  We're glad to have her.

Maddie immediately wanted to tell Trevelyn about The Plan, and then she reasoned that she should wait for him to wake up.
Since she just couldn't wait, she came up with the idea to make him an invitation.

She had Grammy write the words for her.

And she placed it particularly, where Trev was sure to see it as soon as he awoke.

"Mom!  Can I paint?"
Of course.

And - Wow!  Best Day Ever! -
We found Manilla (son of Godzilla) and Manda, and Bowser's Inside Story.  : )

And played.

[Sigh].... "Life is So Good," says Little Son.
: )  Now you know I'd never ask for more than that.

So Grammy comes
and drops off us at the shopping center
and we go to buy tennies for Maddie.
Dora ones this time. 
I think this is the first time she actually chose them above others, though it's been a near thing often enough.
Ah, well.

To the movie!
Which wasn't as bad as the Mama thought it would be.
And the babes enjoyed it.

To the toystore!
To see if they had MarioKart for the ds.
They did - for a primo price. [gulp.]
Maddie got a Diego game for the ds, and a Dora umbrella.  :)
She's a little pink and purple today, I guess.

To dinner!

And after slushing and scurrying in the cold and snow today,
we're home safe and sound.
Thank goodness.

Godzilla the the Earth Defenders are up for Play,
and of course the ds was on duty as well.

-while singing-

Next chapter of Harry for Trev and I.  Only two chapters left!

 And now it's dark and cold and time to settle in, I think.
'Til tomorrow, then.


  1. This is the first time it has been warm and sunny here when it is cold and slushy there. :) Record highs again, tomorrow hotter, Friday, just creepy hot.

    Sounds like a great day. We hope to venture out to some movie action once the rain and cool return.

  2. Sounds like a wonderfully busy day!

  3. Looks like a wonderful fun filled day. You can't ask for more than that.

    We're hoping to catch a movie soon. I think the dollar ones are great! My oldest sometimes doesn't like the loud sound of the theater so it's easier to leave if need be.

  4. WOW< I am amazed that no paint was split on the carpet,a busy day cheers Marie

  5. softearthart -
    There was.
    I just cleaned it up and then we put a second mat under the paint table. No biggy, since the carpet cleaner was out. :)

  6. So many similarities in our day today.

  7. I can't hardly believe March is over - Happy April 1st...

  8. It's cold and snowy in SLC? I'm in Southwestern Ontario and it was 22 degrees Celsius here today and 25 for tomorrow. Not a bit of snow...anywhere.
    Looks like a lovely day Stephanie.
    Happy April.

  9. We've also squeakqueled, and I gave it two tiny little chipmunk thumbs up. All the kiddos in the theater were loving it, so their smiles & laughs made it worth it. Along with Theodore. I just love that little guys chunky cheeks!!


  10. Ok, you convinced me, might have to look for the chipmunks at the dollar theatre....

    LOVE those bookshelves, full of goodness!

    saw ya on facebook, welcome to the crazy fb world! ;)


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