Thursday, March 04, 2010

march four: marching forth

cycles are funny.
it's funny how we just sort of get swept into a Way, and that's that.
could have much to do with the fact that Maddie is still recovering from this cold she has (today was the first good/almost normal day), but life has been.... different.

lots of... sort of plugging along in the Regular way of things.
taking care of business.
taking things into shops for repairs.
cleaning patios.
cleaning the pond.
doing the cleaning in preparation of spring cleaning. (I know that sounds odd, but whatever.)
rearranging furniture.
taking loads of glass to the recycle bins.
matching thousands of pairs of socks. :)

it's like we've been on some it's-Saturday-afternoon-so-it's-time-to-clean-out-the-garage time loop for a week.

it hasn't been bad, mind you. just... i don't know. more transitioning, I guess.

Today I spend much of the day here.

Which was a pretty great place to spend the day.
I watched the birds outside the sparkly clean window.
that I could see out of because the bush has been trimmed..
I got to see when the sun came out, and scooted out the back door to admire it when it did.

I got to listen to Trev and Maddie sitting and sharing and loving while sharing a chair at his computer...
and I got to smile over how generous and gracious and polite children are when they're happy.

have you noticed? when all is right in their world, they say funny things like "Excuse me for just a minute, won't you?" and "would you mind very much if I....?" funny babies.

I suppose the children have been up to the same things they've always been up to... it's only myself that has stepped away from the regular Way of Things to do this Other for a bit.

at the moment my life - The Way of Things- seems to just have shifted a bit... instead of holding fast to the babes, I'm holding fast to this other stuff... lending my support and aid to the structure of the home (all those things I mentioned earlier).... feathering the nest, I think.

we're still here.
laughing and loving and being,
same as always.

and life is still very, very fine.
it just happens to smell like fresh laundry at the moment.


  1. I love how much greenery you have around the house! I am a big fan of houseplants!

    I may be weird, but when my laundry room shows me that it does indeed have a floor, I love to sit in there and feel the warmth of the dryer & smell the clothes. I don't know, it just smells like home...

  2. All good!

    LOL at the polite things they say when happy. I always smile when I have asked Miss D to do something or grab something for me and if she doesn't want to (and is in a good mood) I get "No Thank You" in a sweet polite voice. Guess it goes down better than a grump or whine haha.

  3. SWEET! I love it when children are polite and share...

  4. really need to have a week like this! To make "space" and openess. Start the flow of stangnant water!

  5. I could use a little of that feather nesting potion too, if you have any handy...

    Love your laundry room! (is that pathetic?)

    So sweet, your young 'uns...

  6. Penny -
    I have the outrageously glamorous fortune to have my laundry connected directly to my den! (As in no walls between the two.)
    I've of course wanted a wall for a few years, and have tried a few different things, including a five-panel screen, but my latest idea is a wall of green. :)
    So far, so good, as it's beautiful in the morning light, and it encourages me to keep the laundry... uh... not showing itself (done.).
    :) So I love it, too!!

  7. "Feathering the nest," love it, your words just make me melt sometimes Stephanie!


  8. Sounds great! Your laundry room gets great light!
    Love your banner by the way.

  9. Nothing wrong with fresh smelling laundry. I like that scent :)
    You won't smell much of that in my house lately though...

    It's so entertaining to sit back and watch the kiddos be kids.

    Have a great weekend!


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