Friday, March 05, 2010

march five: regular ol' o.l.m.

At eight-something this morning Maddie decided Snow Play was in order.
"Don't you want to wait a little while?" Nope.
So she started a snowman.

And wanted a bowl for snowcones
and made a snow angel
and Mama helped her make a snowman

and Trevy and I played dress-up.

Trevelyn and I sat with Benjamin Franklin and his First Kite, taking turns reading.

And we read more of Early Humans, and talked about which things we're putting up on our timeline.

We've counted out money for a trip to the store with Dad

and we got very excited when we realized that we could watch our fifty or so episodes of Magic School Bus - since we have fixed the little tv with the vcr. wooooohooooo!

Prehistory documentary
and complaining commentary on commentary. He doesna see the irony. :)

Discussion of acid rain.


With the Friz!
All Dried Up
Goes To Seed
Gets Ants In Its Pants


The Usbourne Art Treasury over breakfast (more like a late brunch today).

More Friz.
Kicks Up A Storm.

Neighborhood explorations.

Puppet show.
Stories. For an audience.


More snow.
(His idea and implementation.)

Marathon Magic School Bus continues-- Molecules, desert, weather, Muscles, dough, Seeds, chemistry, construction.... Apparently all 50 episodes are in the plans for the day.....


And then...

and then beloved friends came by for a surprise visit

and there
and chaotically-
went the rest of our day.

:) And night.

We're good.
We're happy.
An' all is well.


  1. We love Magic Schoolbus too! What a great day. :)

  2. Awesome pirate snowman!

  3. Beautiful photos. Looks like such a nice day. I love the pirate snowman especially too.

  4. Ok, I'm just crazy for the pirate snowman! We love all things pirate at my house, and have dressed the dog and the babies up pirate but never a snowman!

  5. Awesome snowmen - Scout used to love beads when he was little - he'd seriously sit for an hour at the table and string beads - I still have a 'necklace' and 'bracelet' that he strung on elastic cord for me when he was about 4 years old...

  6. SNOW?!?!?!? hmmm. don't know what i think about that...but you went with it and had a GREAT day by the looks of it.


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