Monday, March 01, 2010

march first: sprung.

oh, goodness.

the sun was out today.

the sun

was out


The Sun was out today!!!

oh, friends.

today, we're sprung.

right now our Life looks like a very many things.
den/computer area was also totally despicious (besides the carpets) and needs to be undone and redone.
work in
Life looks like worrying over our neighborhood stream and pond.... but today that was all finally fixed, as construction (or whatever it was) has ended, and regular waterways have opened back up. Life to the fish and neighborhood wildlife. woohoo!

it looks like wanting to -trying to- clean carpets-- but of course that means staying inside long enough to even begin the process.
it ain't happenin' while the sun shines, I can tell you that.

it means the fish are climbing the walls of their tank, trying to bust out.
which means the pond -and surrounding area- needs to be cleaned and readied.

' looks like this

an' this too

an' this.

looks like settin' up the bell up at the back gate

and it means roses need to be cut back immediately.

something especially fine comes tomorrow, which means Outdoor Living begins, so the patio must be given some love Today.

it means neighbors start delivering.


an' it means Livin' under the sun

my loves play baseball.

lilac buds. Lilacs!

under the sun

under the sun today.


the sun.
there are tiniest buds on the plum tree.

dances under the sun.

tomorrow promises more.

our toes are warm.
our cheeks are sunburned.

our hearts and bodies are singing.

we'll see you tomorrow.
after the sun goes down.


  1. Nice! We had a mild day, with the lots of wind to do it's earthly spring cleaning. What was your temp? we made the 40's! Woot!

  2. omg, i love that: Winter Is Over. i almost made a proclamation of those sorts here today, but only because the grass is emerging through the snow...not quite there, but not far behind...right???

  3. i think we made up to 52 today, they say 57 tomorrow.
    oh, god. :) i kept thinking that today.

  4. It was glorious, wasn't it?!

  5. enjoy! it´s still cold here... your images are lovely btw!

  6. Funny how you got your large snows in December, now it's warming up so quickly. We got our snows in Feb., starting to warm up and melt away the snow. Yea for spring!!

  7. Spring still feels very far away here - but we're moving furniture and cleaning and purging - so we'll be ready!

  8. ok, that is it. you get snow, have mountains and skiing. then you have warm temps most of the winter. earlier spring. longer summer. it is warm in march (19º here now, 35º today, calling it heat wave on news). i'm leavin'. ;)

  9. I know! The sun may still exsist! :) Enjoy!

  10. Looks gorgeous. Happy spring to you and your cute kids.

  11. Oh my. I'd say I'm jealous, but really, I am actually SO VERY JEALOUS that I need a stronger word than jealous... hmm..

    So happy for you - send it east! Please!!


  12. I am SO ready for Spring! Bring it on! :)

  13. It looks like Life is Good, and sunny days are back!!

    We moved to a much warmer climate last year, and spring seemed to have already arrived when we got here in February. I was under the impression that it would be that way again this year, but we are having a very cold winter. People around here say it hasn't been this wintry in years.

    That would be our awesome luck, you know. haha!

    But, just like you, we've had some really warm days lately, so I guess it's safe to say

    Here comes the sun, and I say, it's alright...

  14. Lilac buds already?!?! Sigh. So happy for you. We left our lilacs behind at our old place. Hanging my sheets to dry near a fragrant lilac bush was a much-loved spring ritual when we lived there.


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