Monday, March 08, 2010

march eight

What today?

We've got out the balance scale

worked at the Cobbler's Bench

talked about learning to play the Recorder (Mama has made a note on the chalkboard in the sky)

Maddie has gotten out the geometric balls and sticks (for geo shape building).

More fun with the Eye-Clops.

Reader Rabbit.

We've began Harry Potter: The Sorceror's Stone. (First time.)

Nature Journal 101 (for Mama).

Math Blaster.

Coconut Song. Harry Nilsson.
With dancing.
Put da lime in da coconut
drink it all up

put da lime in da coconut

call me in da mornin'...
She say "Doctor!...."

We're totally puttin' limes and coconuts on our To Do list.....

Math 1-2
Math 1-2 plus Lime and da coconut...
Oh, wait.
+ Tortilla Soup for dinner....

More geo shapes

Karate Kid.
"So...." he says questioningly - lots of this the last little while..."You know about Karate Kid?"
"So... kids are like..... the spirit of You?"
Adamantly, "No. But movie and show makers know that parents often like to see their children enjoying what they enjoyed as children." And then, "Add to that a story that is good enough to be retold...."

and contemplations of
Dude. How ' we gonna do that???
More wagon designs.
ie Engineeering. Tethers. Taut lines. Unbreakable lines. Transporting.
Madd's all about transporting friends.

Painting on wet paper with the fancy water color pencils.

"Mom." says Little Son, "Do you like commentary on Mario?"
"I don't mean Super Skarmory , but I can make My Own interesting commentary...."
"I'd be totally interested, Bud."

So there we were.
Sittin' among commentary and tortilla soup prep.

More Clifford.

More Math 1-2. (While Mama wasna looking.)




A book for Mama
picture books
rasslin' on the bed
and who knows what else?

But let's just call that good, shall we?
Mama needs time to recover before tomorrow.....


  1. shoot! you all have so much Doing and Thinking going on over there!!!!! we had a whole lot, i feel like we had a lot of vitamin D to work on soaking up, so...that's what we were up to! I love the figuring that goes on - the Karate Kid out of the blue (was it?) - I got zombie questions at bedtime and what would happen if you had to pull someone up out of a frozen pond? would they be breakable?

  2. LOL I totally get the last line.

    What a fun day - love the budding branch photos - -

  3. Oh Spring! where are you - I see you here...

    ...we loved Reader Rabbit...

  4. You've inspired me yet again. :)

  5. tortilla soup and watercolors are my favorites!

  6. I am so anxious to see what will pop up on our new yard. I'm really hoping daffodils (my favorite) are among the pretties.

  7. lovely photos - very spring like


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