Tuesday, March 09, 2010

March 9

Apparently Mama had a bit of an agenda today.
That never goes over very smoothly.

it worked out alright.
I can say that now as I'm finally sitting here alone in the quiet and semi-dark. :)

Before you judge me too harshly, know that my babes were quite deep into their own agendas, as well, today, as was Eric (who was at work) so maybe we can just blame it on the moon, or something.

Enough of dark confessions... moving on!

Hex! Today I began Hex.
Me And Geometry ain't turribly simpatico, but I managed to bang out the basics, none the less. And I'm quite pleased with the results, truth be known.

'Course, we had to play a few rounds....

As usual, one idea leads to another, and this prompted Madeleine to create her own game... one with lily pads and a river and enough space for all of her Best Loved folks to play with her. At once, of course.

Mama has been ordered to whip up eleven frog sculptures to hop across the lily pads. I told her that eleven was probably beyond my capabilities, that I could maybe produce four or five.....
our contract isn't firm, yet.

Trev and I read the next three chapters of The Sorceror's Stone. I found myself being antsy and anticipating what was going to happen next after we had put down the book and carried on with our day....

There were cars and tracks

and puzzles

and singing and dancing and computer games and Night at the Museum games

and the eye-clops

and Duck, Duck, Goose (the board game)

and plans for all sorts of things like parties and trips to the Zoo.

I have a vague feeling that I've forgotten about ninety percent of the day's goings on,
but frankly my brain has left me stranded, and I'm just not that interested in trying to summon and insist. :)

Babies are back rasslin' and carryin' on in chaotic madness with Daddy,
and it's about time for me to sign off.
There comes a time when you just nod and say "that's quite alright by me."

We're good.
Babies are good....
wait - and quiet....
Mama's happy and so tired
Daddy's fiddlin' with somethin'

drifting, drifting,
see you tomorrow....


  1. I've never seen that hex game before. How does it work?

  2. This Mama had an agenda yesterday for Trying to Get Things Done. It didn't, they didn't and it was messy. All round. So today's agenda is Doing Nothing. And it's going much more smoothly!

  3. varunner-
    one person tries to get across the board horizontally, and the other tries to get across vertically.
    All markers must be connected to win.
    It's interesting that playing either way - defensively or offensively has the same effect on the game.

  4. Julie - I think it was the day for it!
    Eric told me that he was trying and trying to do some things at work, and people kept coming in and asking dumb questions and generally interrupting when it wasn't really necessary.
    I mostly just wandered around in a disorganized fashion trying to accomplish something - anything!! :)

  5. mmmmm the sorcere's stone! harry potter? i myself am addicted to the audio books (put them on to cook and clean the house!)... brilliant work by Jim Dale... he does a different voice for each of the character's voices!!!! big hello! :)... i myself need more agenda's ;)

  6. I love that you write down so much of your day...

    ...we loved the Harry Potter books too...

  7. Love your game, and it put me in mind of something....
    I am trying to find that article written by the mathematician that said that playing math games was more valuable than traditional schooling...can you put me in touch with it again?


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