Monday, March 29, 2010

march 29: Yes.

One of the keys to living a happy and fulfilled unschooled life, I think,
is the willingness (and ability) to say "yes".

This is not something new or seemingly extraordinary to this Mama --
but it is something that often sounds like (while to me, meaning the same)
"Yes- In just a minute."
And "Yes, Honey, hang on...".
And "Of course, Bud, give me just a sec...."
These are not pacifiers, honestly,
just "my hands are (or head is) busy, so allow me to make this shift..."
sometimes the moment has lost its momentum
when I have set aside my personal Immediatement.

I had not made a conscious decision to do so,
but today looked different.

Today looked like "Yes", with no caveats.

Yes, to embracing a cloudy sky.

Yes, right now.
Yes, I can jump.
Yes, I can help you be a Vegetarian, right this minute.
Yes, we can do that.

And even:

Yes, I can do that.

Yes, it's quite alright for me to warm my feet outdoors -
just sitting in the clouds and wind.

Yes, I can meditate upon This.

Yes, I can stop that, and return to This.

Yes, I can live and love, Here.

Yes, yes, yes.

And soon, again, it's back to

Yes, you can have a bath-- right this minute.
Yes, you can have candles.

Yes, I can do it right now.
Yes, it is out of the way.
Yes, I'll do it anyway.
Yes, I can come here right this second.

I'm not having any delusions
that I can keep up this crazy energy
for the Every Second For The Rest Of My Days,
but it has been a nice reminder
that the sky doesn't fall,
and that I'm not left feeling dizzy and shaking my head
after this constant "Absolutely Now"ing.

Just a reminder to all of us (my family)-
That if the thought or project that I was working upon was important,
chances are it will make itself known again -
should I be lucky enough to forget for a while.

And a reminder to my babes
that they are
That Important
and that Funny
and that
in all of those
Right This Second's.

Not a bad way to spend a day.

A bit tiring, mind you...
but certainly
and calibrating.


  1. Oh, Yes days are a good reminder aren't they and help really live in the moment.

  2. Yes. I try to have 'yes' days. Because, of course, if I ask for something, ask something of someone, want help or need my family, I hope for them to say 'yes' to me too. :) Good books - I have a few of those myself.

  3. "Yes" comes out almost always from me, but, like I said, it usually has "... just a sec...." attached to it (a ten second or so delay).
    Today was drop everything. :)
    A big difference.

  4. beautiful post. i'm the same way. yes is always the first thing out of my mouth, but it's always followed by a caveat.....because i DO NEED a bit of time for transitioning. like you, though, i have days when i wake up and i think "today is a yes. (full stop) kind of day". no "wait a minute", or "just a sec" or "in a moment". it's YES!

    and you're right. those days are tiring mentally, emotionally and physically, but they are also really rewarding!!

    yea! for yes!

  5. What a beautiful post, friend.:) Amen to living life in the moment! Though, like you said, not always possible, it sure is nice to do so once in awhile. And it makes all the difference!

  6. That has been the most amazing thing with homeschooling (new since January)....I can now say Yes much more often. Can I sleep in? Yes. Can I stay up late reading? Yes. Can we back cookies? Yes. I never knew this life before. It was rush to school, rush to get homework done, rush to get dinner on the table, rush to get showers and then rush to bed. I had no idea how much of their lives I was missing. I still have one daughter in school and I feel that although she chooses to remain in school, I miss the time I could be spending with her. My hope is she will ask to come home and I will of course say.....Yes!

  7. Beautiful! I am a champ at the "in a minute" phrase-that turns into 10 or maybe they forgot. Nice reminder about living in the now. Yes-only Yes!

  8. Such a fine thing to say yes, and then to do just do it. right then. I have the right then prob. I am going to work on that. In a minute.
    Ha! No really...

  9. Yes, I would love to have a day like this. Yearning for it...maybe this weekend? I hope so. If not, I can always come here.:)

    Thanks for stopping by!

  10. A drop everything day wrapped up in yes..... sounds like a very good idea to me.

    Lovely post.. btw. :0)

  11. I'm not a Mama yet, but when I am, you are exactly the type of mama I aspire to be like. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  12. Bethany -
    what a lovely compliment!
    Know that I have many short-comings (impatience is at the top of the list), but the point is to keep trying.
    And even when the day has gone a little off - you shouldn't write it off or think that it can't change into "Perfect" at any minute. :)

  13. Yes. I love you.
    Yes. I thank you.
    Yes. You wrote what I often think.
    Yes. Being conscious will help me be more of a Yes Mom tomorrow.

  14. This has been a terrible week. A week steeped in the complete opposite of Yes.

    Tomorrow I will do better. :)

  15. OH How wonderful,just beautiful words on saying "Yes" love and light Marie

  16. This is awesome! Great word-smithing!

  17. YES!!


    A beautiful way to spend a day!!

  18. thanks for the reminder

  19. These are lovely thoughts. Thank you for the timely reminder.

    (Found you via Rhythm of the Home. Glad I did.)

  20. "Yes" is what i'll say.
    Thank you so much for this.


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