Thursday, March 25, 2010

March 25

Little Son came in bright and early this morning, wanting to snuggle on the couch and talk.
'Course, I can't think of a better way to begin a day!

Maddie began her day by making patter-ens with blocks,

and drawing,
doing puzzles,
and then beading.

"Hey, Mom," said Trevelyn yesterday, "how big is one hundred meters?
Sometimes, as happy as I am to do some figuring and investigating, it's better if it waits until tomorrow. And hopefully I'll remember.
But as it happened, the subject came up again early this afternoon....
Godzilla is between fifty and one hundred meters tall. (He grows or shrinks, I guess, as Budget or props allow.)
Then, "Do we have any buildings that high?"
Hmmmm... thinking on how tall our city buildings are.... (we're in 'quakes and faultline country, so we're limited.)
"Well... we certainly don't have any that tall in the neighborhood.... wanna go measure outside with the meter stick? We can at least see how tall he is lying down..."
He did.
I was interested in footprints (since he mentioned it) so we did a search for a decent picture of our query, and figured that his feet were about a sixth the size of his height.
We started out measuring and flipping the meter stick out on our street, but being bent over that long and walking and flipping was pretty inefficient (and annoying to me), so we measure out ten meters, and then paced it. 'Bout fourteen steps for my stride.
So we marked at fourteen, and got all the way up to 100 meters.
"Woh!!" said Little Son.
"Well," said his Mama - and not in a "teaching" sort of way, mind you, but in a 'this is how I would/will figure it sort-of-way',"we said 1/6th, right? So 100 meters divided by 6 would be... sixteen meters... and about a foot. (No, that wasn't exactly right, but close enough. Neither were my 14 steps equal and exact.)
So we totally bandit-ed Maddie's sidewalk chalk and drew a four-toed footprint as well as we could on our street.

Dude. :)
So we came in.
And Trev got on his computer, and commenced with his research.
Mama got on her computer, and did a little research of her own.
"Hey, Bud... you know that building by Daddy's work? Come here for a sec..."
Showed him the buildings, "This one is 129 meters..."
"Woh, that's a lot taller!"
"And this one.... is 107 meters!... 'Next time we go downtown, we'll look at that one, and know that it's just about the right size...."

One of the things on our list of 'things we'd like to do together today' was a terrarium.
Last year we saw on Bill Nye that he took moss and blended it in a blender with milk, and then poured it over stones to show the amazing ability that moss (which is extremely old) has to adapt and evolve. The night that we poured ours it rained, and I am guessing knocked our bits about, as we never got any.
We wanted to try again - not with milk this time, but with chopped crumbles of moss and water in our terrarium.

So we took a neighborhood walk and gathered some things to grow in our terrarium.

And we'll see how the moss goes!

It's beautiful, regardless.... :)

While we were looking up our favorite Bill Nye videos (I am heart-broken to say the series has been removed from youtube), we did discover this one, containing Illusions, if you'd like to check it out. Pretty interesting!

There was lots more Godzilla research. (You may well ask if there can possibly be more, but, indeed, yes, there can! :) And, really? I'm quite okay with Little Son researching for how many years and heights and weights between friends and foes and supposing odds of successful missions and all that sort of thing. Quite alright with me if he wants to figure things out by supposing about the imaginary.)

Maddie headed to a movie while Trev and I read what Harry was up to.


A walking trip to the store for a treat...

and we're home and ready to settle in,
so let's call that a day, shall we?

'Til tomorrow, then.


  1. Damn that is a day to behold woman! Loved that you made a godzilla footprint! Hey so have you ever checked out united streaming? It comes with a pretty decent price tag but you can stream bill nye and magic school and all sorts of magic from there! We were signed up a few years ago, but man my kids were little, thinking about it again..

  2. I've never even heard of it!!
    Off to check it out now. :)
    Thanks, K!

  3. Godzilla math looks very cool!
    I am constantly amazed that my little ones can research... and squeeze every bit of knowledge out of one topic! Good stuff!

  4. Godzilla math - now that is our style of learning :0)

    It is so much fun sharing the children's learning adventures....
    today Owen and I are researching robots :0)

  5. I have been meaning to (for years, now!) to do the same thing you did for Godzilla with dinosaurs. I just have to do that one of these next warm days! The blending up moss idea is very cool, too. You guys have the coolest ideas!

  6. Yay - comments have been acting up for me lately, so haven't been able to.

    What a day! We have been into fractions too. Out of the clear blue sky A wrote down an equation using fractions, correctly. Who knew? What a fun way to explore...and get to talk about godzilla! ;)

  7. I loved all that math in the Godzilla experiment...

  8. ohhhh! always wanted to do a terrarium! can't wait to see your results! I have been loving all your pictures stephanie. Spring is just around the corner for us... just around... looking forward for warmth! and a morning couch cuddle from our babies is an amazing way to start the day yes!

  9. I've just found your blog. It is so beautiful. You say so much with few words and many lovely pictures. Thank you for a dose of joy. :)


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