Wednesday, March 03, 2010

march three

let's see.

we've had gray skies...
and bluebird skies.
we've read stories
and have made up stories of our own.

we've had Thomas on video tape
and Thomas on the kitchen floor.

we've felt the warm, warm sun
and we've felt the wind and raindrops.

we've had Tea -en plein air- for tangible friends (Kitty, Alyssa, Dolly, etc)
and Tea for the fey.

we've read and learned quite a bit about Early Humans
and have discussed how some of us are trying to get back there - living more off the land, making medicines, living more harmoniously with the earth....
we've waited
and anticipated
and muttered and stomped
and finally!

no big deal to you, I am sure,
but a shiny set of ninety brand new sparkly springs is a verra big deal to us.

like breath, I'd say.

we've added a bit to the timeline
had bare feet on warm grass
made music
done research
played apart
played together

and lived and loved.

and that will always do.

'til tomorrow, then.


  1. You commented me that we have the same bricks and computer table...well, we also love Blokus (sp?) and we have the same hand painted tea set! I even think that our little ones chose similar colors. Happy days to you!
    Lydia :)

  2. Yay for new trampoline springs!!!

  3. wow - how much fun are you guys going to be having all spring and summer long ??! Much bouncing envy here

  4. That picture of Cranky made me smile - he was always Scout's favorite...

  5. Hi
    First time here , loved all the crafty fun at ur blog. the rose water n the rose pics from ur garden are truly amazing .
    Great stuff.

    - Smita
    @ Little Food Junction

  6. It must feel so good to bounce in the sun!

    Enjoy those skies - I can't wait till they come our way!


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