Wednesday, February 24, 2010

a wednesday's dream

Maddie and I began our day by making a fence for her farm and animals.
She loves creating little scenes and situations, and was bemoaning the fact that she didn't have enough fence the other day.
So while we were downstairs picking up the barn, I spied the popsicle sticks, and got an idea....

Love it.

Raindrops on windows....

and painting
and painting.
Today?- all about watercolors.

Watercolors on watercolor paper.
Watercolors on wet paper.

Watercolor relief - using white crayons.

Watercolor and salt.
Watercolor and finger painting.
Don't you just love paints?

...and then a little while later....


And, oh, goodness, are those pretzels yummy...
(and gone.)

And there was a long, sleepy nap in there for Maddie today.
(Yesterday was not so good for her, illness wise, and today a bit better, but I believe she'll be feeling quite Fine tomorrow. She appears to be about two days behind Trev, who felt great yesterday and today.)

We've been having "together time" lately - the last few weeks.
Just to make sure that we engage ourselves and eachother (and don't slip into a coma without ourselves or the others taking notice), we turn off the tellie and computers for a while (Mama's too!) every day, and just do stuff for a couple or few or several hours.
Whatever kind of stuff.
'Til we're filled up.
There's nothing rigid about it, and it doesn't have to happen at a particular time, though it seems it's usually a bit after lunchtime that we come together.
Sometimes we want to go for a nature walk, sometimes it's math bingo, games, reading, building, whatever. I don't much care what it is, as long as our minds are busy.
Today Trev said,

and "Checkers!"

and "Blokus!" (Though Daddy came home when we were just beginning Blokus, so you know that flew out the window! :) )
and Maddie said "The Diego game!"

So that's the way it was.

And now they're back there having and loving Daddy time, and I get to settle in with my book...

We're good.
And happy.
And loved.

See you tomorrow.


  1. good god, those pretzels look good! we've never made them...hmmmmm...

    ani's been wanting to paint everything these days - the refrain has been "can i paint it?" time to get more wood...or somethin...

  2. FUN! and your pretzels do look yummy!

  3. Have you got a recipe for those yummy looking pretzels??

    Love the fence idea! It is so cute. <3

  4. They're Martha's, and they're Hot Buttered Pretzels.
    500 is a bit too hot (my oven, probably), and yesterday I had ran out of parchment paper, so I baked them on a buttered pan at 460 for a couple of minutes lounger.
    They are soooo good. :)
    We like salt and butter - cinnamon and sugar would be good, too.
    They're not very chewy, but softer, more like rolls.
    So easy and quick! May do it again today.

  5. You guys look as if you've been quite busy! I love your fence idea ... very cute :)

  6. Those pretzels do look fantastic! And your entire day sounds great as well.


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