Tuesday, February 23, 2010

tuesday twenty-three: love and light

Just a little while back I was having a very hard time with the practically-dark-at-four-thirty thing. I didn't mention it here terribly often, but my call-on-the-phone friends (all two of them) heard about it often enough. :)

Thank goodness that's overwith. It "Happened" for me somewhere around sticking my toes in the damned cold mud.

But now it's even better. Light makes a big, beautiful difference, doesn't it?
Especially streaming light.
Such have been my thoughts today.

The Doings haven't shouted out much, today.
The Seeings, however....

the kitchen floor.

"Wait. Is this"organic" the same as this "organic"?"

aah. Haven't tired of it, yet!

All is well, then.
And fine.
And beautiful.


  1. The light is so good. Makes all the difference to me :)

  2. You know, I think I want a fish... That picture is so cute!

  3. Despite the gray skies and snow here - the early morning light remains and you are so right ~ it makes all the difference.

    That lovely, plump goldfish is smiling :0)

  4. We definitely have early nights up here too - now the days are getting longer - and hopefully things will start to thaw soon...

  5. Love, love, love that beautiful face!!! Can I kiss him?

  6. Awesome pictures! Love the one of the fish and bird, and of course the children :)

    When we lived in MN, it got dark around 4:30
    Longer days are on the way though.

  7. Darcel -
    It doesn't actually get dark here at 4:30, but for several weeks there, at that time of day I could tell the sun was nearing the edge (even being inside), and I knew the day was almost over. Ugh!! Way too short.

  8. The amount of light makes a HUGE difference to me, too. I can actually physically feel my spirits lift when I step outside on a sunny day.I'm very much looking forward to the gloriously long days of Alaskan summer.


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