Monday, February 15, 2010


Well, I finally decided to just stop the world.
I've had this problem for a long time (two months? three? four???) - this Problem looks like my bedroom, and the invader is Laundry. Now you may shrug off and easily dismiss this Terrible Problem of mine, but I'm quite serious, and You haven't seen it. a nightmare, I tell you. Ask our friends. And I'm not showing you any pictures. not quite "get on tv" bad, but damned near.

So yesterday I decided enough was enough.
I called my friends and told them my plan. told them where to look for my body if I went missing.
"I'm stopping everything. No park. No cuppycakes. No "help me with this, Mama." No library, no stories, no "Yes!"."
You see why I haven't gotten rid of this problem sooner.

"Eric. Take the children away." I didn't want any distractions.

So they went swimming.
And to get a candy and a slurpee afterwards.

And came home to research.

And book making.

And computer play.

And Eric went to work.

And the children proudly and quickly cleaned their bedrooms. I wonder if they were showing off?

And Maddie made me two Valentines. And they're beautiful, and melted my heart.

And she made Valentines for her friends. (You realize that I did not stop to help her, and she did this completely independently, right?)

And I had to crawl (scoot) on my belly under my bed (it's high enough) to toss out the things that were lost under there.

And I cleaned out my sock/underwear drawer, and tossed out the "oh, dear" (holey, past their time) things.

And I pulled out all the stuff that live upon the shelves - t-shirts and shorts and pants, and I threw into the garbage (cotton, so they'll decompose easily) probably close to twenty things. (Lordy, that felt good.)

And I had the side door open, and the sunshine was streaming in.

And when it was sunny the back door was open too, and I could hear the birds dancing and playing (I had filled the feeders earlier - my one concession for the day).

And I folded all my sweaters

and hung up all my clothes

and carried a hundred things downstairs

and took downstairs eight or ten pairs of fall/winter boots. That was interesting, too. After that chore, and chucking old clothes, and having the doors open, I was feeling quite Springy!!

And Maddie came in when I was almost done, and asked if she could help, so I handed her the Windex (the one cleaner I still buy instead of make) and a paper towel, and she cleaned the mirror, the back of the mirror, and the wall behind the mirror for me. That's my girl! Obviously she realized what was going on in this room!

And a little while after dark 'twas done. Done, done, done.

Clean pillows, clean linens, organized drawers, dusted, vacuumed, polished, and potpourri oil simmering in the pot.

now for today - the rest of the house!
and a Love Day party tonight!

[shakes head.] such an exciting life. aren't you so glad you come here to read this stuff?


  1. *eek*
    I have a to-wash laundry pile that *never* gets smaller
    I have a to-put-away laundry pile that *never* gets smaller
    And my house could do with a bit of TLC.
    I'll get to it, soon ;-)

  2. ok, here's weird. I did *almost* the exact same thing.

    Laundry conquered, room dusted and wiped down, fresh linens, etc.

    It was good. Not springy enough for open doors, but still good.

    Congrats on the fresh room!

  3. Oh absolutely! I laughed so hard. Beautifully written and the subject was one I well recoginize.

  4. Believe me, I have days like yours!! Often...

  5. Oh I love days like that - getting things done is just wonderful...WONDERFUL (hear Maria from the sound of music...) W...O...N...D...E...R...F...U...L... Oh I know I can't sing, but you know what I mean hopefully!!!

  6. Yes, very glad to hear other people's bedrooms look like mine! I need a day like yours!

  7. Good for you! I need to do the same.

  8. Wow - y'all got a lot done!

  9. Oh yes!
    Loved it!
    And loving more today! (Bathroom has been spring cleaned... walls, door, ceiling...) :) woooohoooo!

  10. I spent yesterday hunting...for dust bunnies. I even got behind the couch and under the bed(a big deal for me). Enjoy that nice, clean bedroom!

  11. oh laundry. will I ever conquer thee??

  12. Congratulations. Must have felt good.

    I am desperately curious about the Windex though. Really!?!?

  13. AnnaKiss -
    I'm not sure what your question is about... that we really use it...?, yes, I do,
    or about Maddie washing with it?
    If that's what you mean... she just asked if she could help, so I have her a paper towel and showed her how to spray just a little, then she (with her paper towel went behind the mirror, and with the same one washed the wall, too. (I don't know that it did anything, I just know that she was thinking "shiny" and "thorough". :) )

  14. I was just curious as to why you use it. Surprised me is all, considering you make all your other cleaning supplies. I've heard people never give up bleach or furniture polish or certain other cleaning products, but Windex always seems the first to go. Not judging! Just surprised!

  15. Haven't found anything satisfactory, yet. sigh.

  16. Vinegar doesn't cut it for you? With newspapers? I'm quite pleased with vinegar/water and rags myself. Simplest bit ever. Only thing I really clean anything with. Occasionally we break out the baking soda or essential oils, but that's about it. Huh.

  17. Can't stand the smell of vinegar. :/

  18. I can highly recommend e-cloths

    They seem expensive, but they last for ever, and that's it - you don't need anything else.

    Water and a bit of elbow grease = sparkling clean windows.

  19. :) Haven't tried vodka - :), i'll keep that in mind!!

    I should also say - it's also my one source for spray nozzles - I've had my bottles for years, and I wear out the nozzles - which I snag from my once-or-twice a year bottles of windex.

    Back to cleaning!!!---

  20. Oh! Or add essential oils. Buy them in bulk. Helps a lot. Promise. Especially if you dilute.

  21. I love that feeling on cleaned out organized. It's great!


  22. I am well stocked in the oils department! I use them for lots of different things! :)

  23. Sounds like a perfect day to me:) So satisfying when it is completed.

  24. LOL! Sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, right? Even if that means sorting through the unmentionables and wriggling around on your belly under the bed.

  25. Woman, I totally feel your pain. BTW I use club soda on and effective!

  26. Hehe, I've been sitting here all night with itchy feet to go and do similar, then came on a read your post and think I might just go start...and it's 9pm! My house felt all spring cleaned during winter/spring but over summer it's gone to the pack...all good though, I'm sure that's how it's meant to be eh?

  27. My room is always the worst, shameful since the kids have to clean their rooms everyday. But there is YES and helping and lots of doing together. . . would be nice to have a clean house though!
    And hey, I use Windex too. It works. I tried the vinegar/essential oil thing. It smelled like pickle juice.

  28. Your bedroom sounds just like my bedroom. :)

  29. Way to go! You are inspiring! Still you should have done before and after pics of your undertaking. This morning I heard the mourning doves again in the front tree... I feel it too. Spring is coming


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