Friday, February 19, 2010

Spring Window Art

A couple of weeks ago I bought some transparent tiles, not having any idea what I would do with them.

Maddie and I have played with them quite a bit – trying to come up with beautiful things to share with you.

Eventually it occurred to me that I could try to make a picture using the tiles in combination with window paint.

We used the tiles, liquid leading, and clear gallery glass window paints.

First we mapped our our designs on a heavy piece of plastic covering a piece of cardboard.

Next I drew the lines with the liquid leading.

When I was satisfied with the leading (after it dries for a few minutes, it can be pushed around or straightened up with a toothpick) I added the clear frosty window color,

which will dry and make a somewhat sticky sheet – similar to a plastic window cling.

After it sits over night, and dries somewhat,

begin at a corner, and carefully pry the art away from the plastic sheet. Turn it over, resting the front onto the bare cardboard, allowing for faster drying (the flat, underside will be exposed).

When the paint is clear in all spots, it’s completely dry, and ready to hang.

note: If you move it from place to place, and it stops sticking, just clean the back of the art, and then the window – if the art is slightly damp it will stick again.


  1. This looks fantastic!! What are the items needed for this and where do I find them?


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!