Saturday, February 06, 2010

friday five

It seemed to me while we were still at the park on Thursday that either my Little Son was worn out, or he was coming down with something.
His opinion on the matter was very different from my own - "I'm not sick, Mom," - and I certainly have to respect his ideas about himself. I do not raise my children expecting they will dismiss their own ideas and opinions about who they are or what is Best to accept my own - so today I can only watch covertly, and be quick to help when or if I am called.
And be relieved when my sister calls to delay the sleepover for two days.
And give him a glass of orange juice with a few drops of my magic medicine (brandy cold medicine) in it.

So the early part of the day Friday was spent with their Daddy before he went off to work.
All of their usual favorite games - cuggling and wrestling and tag.
I read to them the first chapter of A Girl, a Boy, and a Monster Cat. So far it's about a boy who just wants to watch tv but always gets sucked into his friend's imaginative adventures. :) Something that may appeal to eight-year-old little boys.

A couple of days ago at the library I found a Carmen Sandiego: Math Detective game - we're crazy about Carmen Sandiego (and own several games), but since the programs are old, and our computers are new(er), we have a really hard time getting the programs to work. This one works! And it's really fun-- I'd suggest it for anyone who likes spy missions and adventure....

There was lots of ScoobyDoo watching on the television...
(Trevy. In my mind, a day of rest was just what he needed, so I left him to it)

...and Maddie and I got out the moonsand.

Lots of imaginary play, there.

There was Tubby the Tuba while she played.

Thomas came upstairs to play today, with tracks and friends

and there was baby love,
and then a tea party for babies and friends.
With dress-up. And peppermint tea. And decorated cakes. And music.

Last night she decided that she wanted to make another book, so she started that.
I'm crazy about it. The pages are done, and we'll write in the story today.

The day held lots of reading for Mama,
lots of quiet for Trevelyn,
and lots of slow drifting for Maddie.

Easy and slow,
just what we needed.
And, as always,
the evidence of that
is that it Is.


  1. Hello,
    Lisa from 5 orange potatoes steered me over to your blog!....and what a fantastic blog it is! Thanks for sharing! I love this post...definitely something I strive to do....just let my kids "be"...they know what they need, and when!
    I look forward to visiting again,

  2. Watch and wait.... my philosophy too when my boy seems a bit off.

    We've had similar problems with some of the Carmen Sandiego games - glad to hear you found one and it works!!!

  3. I really like Carmen Sandiego. I also love Zoombinis but those have issues on our computers also. :(

  4. I hope he feels better soon!

  5. Sounds like a nice, peaceful day.

  6. The way you nurture your children by trusting them to be aware of how they truly that is priceless.

  7. as always, lots of fun goin' on!

  8. There's always something to be said for an individual's ability to indulge in denial, as well, be they adult or child. My older daughter and I had a little convo on Sunday morning about whether or not she was getting ill. Fortunately, she waited until she was almost home from her friend's birthday party later that day to start barfing.


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