Friday, February 19, 2010

Mosaic Candle Holders

Right after Valentines Day I always start craving springtime colors.
Blues, greens, purples, yellows, pinks… so it comes as no surprise that our crafts and art will look like color or light this time of year.

This is the second one using both that we’ve come up with today.

I thought that small square votives would be nice for this, but my craft store didn’t have any right now. They did have these large beautiful ones on sale for half off, so I picked one up for Maddie, and one for me.

I also got some mosaic tile adhesive that will dry clear.

I washed the glass, and we set to work.

I drew Maddie a square on a piece of paper, showing her the size of the sides of the glass, and told her that her design would have to fit into the square.

We planned, and then set to work making our pretty, vibrant glass.

Her first side was a flower, but after she saw my mosaic design, she decided that the rest of hers would be mosaic, also.

Mine was finished off with crystal stained glass window color, to make a warbled-glass effect.

Maddie’s is all about deco and fabulousness!!

And we’re linking this to Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun!

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