Monday, February 22, 2010

monday twenty-two: a thousand shades of perfect

First off was making cleaners.

You know I love that.
Because I tell you all the time.

We checked out monsters.

and JumpStart.

She thought I asked if she went to the potty, and she informed me,
"I went to blow my issue."
"Mmmm," her Mama smiled, "it's always so satisfying to blow out your Issues!"

A science experiment on gravity,

and how it is that satellites orbit the earth - pretty cool.

Maddie was wandering and looking lost, so I asked her if she wanted to create something.
"Yeah! I want to create with those marshmallows and those stick things!"
So we went downstairs to get them... and got something less pokey (which was quite fine with her),

and a few other things besides.

Maddie The Engineer built a staircase and slide for the playmobil people.

Genius! :)

And we played volleyball

and there were Peep videos

and Birthday Planning (it's still in June)-- and talking of The Beach and friends and family and how we can't have balloons (according to Maddie) because they'll just float into the sky! But then we could have balloons, because we could just tie them onto the sand castle! But the sand castle has to stay there, we can't take it with us...

and on and on Mama admires this glorious sunlight... and goes outside (again!) because she just can't believe it's that cold out there - and surely a day that blue and that bright and that clear must be begging for us to romp and play (er, slowly, so no one coughs until they vomit) - only to rush back in after four seconds with a violent (and totally perplexed) brrrrr! it's cold out there!
no green things in that hurried scoot. no blossoms. no invitation.

Maddie on her art mat (not my doing, hers).

And then mazes. She's been verra interested in mazes, lately.

(that's a tattoo on her arm there, btw)

I sat back down at my notebook (at the kitchen table - where all that beautiful Light is)

until I couldn't stand it anymore, and went Out again. You know. To see.

As it turns out, The Mama (that would be The Mama - as in Mama Nature) hadn't been messing with me at all - she was only reminding me to Look.
To pause.
To appreciate.
To seek out the "ordinary" Life Magic.
Because finding Life Magic takes a special doing, sometimes.

And so....
And so.

(Could you just cry?)

Grape Hyacinth.

Star Flowers.



Garden Phlox.




My beloved Yarrow.

She was whispering oh-so quietly,
and I was finally ready to Listen.

Had to tell the children.

Daddy comes home,
we run an errand in the Outside World
we come home and the sun goes down,
and we wave it off 'til next time.

Let's call that Good, shall we?

Life is beautiful.
See you tomorrow.


  1. What a wonderful and rich life you live with your beautiful family!

  2. february. february??? WHO ARE YOU, FEBRUARY????? i mean, strawberries? poppies? what kind of games are you playing???????

    sigh. and soon you will alllll feel well enough to soak it up.


  3. I like that last photo!

  4. Slim - most of them were less than an inch high!
    Our zone is 5b, so we're not exactly in official Spring, yet. I'm sure yours are doing the same under all that snow!

  5. And in south Texas, we are expecting snow tomorrow. I was going to take the little snowfall off of my blog page, but maybe next week. :)

  6. Heh--my 5 year old does the same thing with balloons. In fact it's gotten to where he nearly has a panic attack every time he sees a helium-filled balloon, because what if it flies away????

  7. so my four year old has been working on her birthday for a while now--it's in august--thanks to the genius of her daddy we realized that today was actually her half we did it up with a half a cake and other such half things!

  8. oh my! look at all that green! it's so exciting, idn't it? by the way, i love hollyhocks mor ethan life itself and the ones i planted this year never flowered so if you don;t mind could you post photos of yours when they flower???

    i'd be ever so grateful! :)

  9. I have to ask - what website/game is you son playing (the one with Mario)? We're Mario lovers around here. :)

  10. A Still reminds me about the balloon that I let fly out the door while I was putting him in his seat last summer. Me on the other hand can't stand the sound of popping balloons so I will only bring them out when it's just the three of us.

  11. Love all the green stuff!

  12. All those spring baby plants. Winter seems here to stay with us this week at least!

  13. Seeing the bright green, new growth.... it does a heart good.

    Glad the babes are up and about and on the mend :0)

  14. Tara -
    Me, too - thank you!

  15. I wish your blog was "scratch and sniff" today, or "scratch and feel," or something! We need loose dirt and green things in these parts! Will start tomatoes next month!

  16. Love love love this post. So much good contained within it. Thanks :)

    We're in zone "don't even think about it" - so it was especially nice to see the green -- planting lavender inside today. Must.have.color.

  17. poppies! yes I could just cry, i could oh my! so this morning i'll go and take a look see..maybe some hollyhocks are peeping through, they're always first around here. I call that good, yes!

  18. wow. things are growing there. we are buried in the white stuff. not a bit of even brown earth showing. :)

  19. It's funny that I sort of like making cleaners too - we made dishwasher detergent one night this week and we'll soon run out of laundry soap - that's the most fun to make...

  20. Looks like a great day to me. I know what you mean about the cold,and beautiful sky. I thought it's so beautiful outside it can't possibly be that cold out there!

  21. Wow! I'm amazed at all that's coming up. I guess the plants don't know it's still February in Utah around here:)

  22. I love all the green growing things, outside my window is still all white. I can't complain though, it's been snowing most of yesterday and today, but big white fluffy flakes that don't add up to shoveling depth but make you feel like you're living in a snow globe. I love your blog, it's always inspiring.


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