Wednesday, February 10, 2010

me, right now.

Hmmmmm.... my friend Shona (from the gorgeous Towhead Adventures) tagged me for a Me, Right Now challenge.
At least I think she was talking to me... :)
(I never do these or awards on this blog anymore, but what the hell? Suits my humor today...)


You mean right now?

This minute?

I'm just readin'. :)

Trevy's watching videos online,
Maddie is trippping around in my (yes, they're mine) one-piece winnie-the-pooh pajamas, lamenting the fact that she and her brother ate about 500 hundred dollars worth of out-of-season, organic strawberries and now we don't have any for strawberry cupcakes.

We're still good.

Ope - here's the fun part! I challenge...
Denise... Lisa... MamaK.... (I know what HRMJ is doing...)...Sarah, ....and....Slim!
As soon as you read this you have five minutes to take a picture of your beautiful self and then tell us what you're doing.
Come forth! Come forth!


  1. What is it you think I'm doing?
    I took the entire day off :)

  2. grin - I stand corrected!!

  3. ohp. i'm in a dark room with wet hair! wait! maybe i can pretend to see this for the first time in the morning. bwah!

  4. yes right now, don't be shy :D how cute are YOU!! thank-you for being so playful xoxo

    (denise, we want to see you with wet dark room hair!! pretty please)

  5. oh lordy. i am miserable at self-portraits!!!!! really really really. but i took a shot at it. i'll manage to get it up soonish...YOU, on the other hand, take a BEAUTIFUL portrait, lady!

  6. Slim - Oh, YES! All three of those shots can certainly be called BEAUTIFUL!
    howling over here, Slim.

  7. I'm linking over from Shona's and Tara's blogs. Nice to meet you, Stephanie! cute SPs :)

  8. <3 this post!

  9. Love these photos of you!


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