Wednesday, February 17, 2010

a Love day

yesterday we had plans to travel north into the next county to visit my sister and Cousins.

the early morning looked like reading and then falling back asleep.

and then snuggling a little gril and falling back asleep.

and then a long snuggle with little son and almost falling to sleep.

and it was quiet.

and slow...

and in the midst of all that, I was so grateful.

the last couple of days there was a Disconnection, and Trev and I were at odds. We were blasting instead of communicating, and not properly interpreting the blasts, and instead were accusing and feeling accused.
Off, we were.

so after a long morning - :) one which was extended well into the afternoon - I was finally satisfied and pleased with our family's reconnection, and we were ready to go play.

I think we're recalibrated, now.

and now the sun is lightening the sky into shades of blue-gray, and I'm anticipating the warmest day of the next several.

and i've decided this morning that since it's past mid-February, it's quite alright to now dream of Spring.....


  1. Those disconnects can be rattling, can't they? I am glad that all is well again.
    See you in those dreams of Spring!

  2. So lovely! I'm happy you found some breathing space to reconnect on many levels!

  3. And I DARE not dream of spring yet here in Alaska...SOOOOOO far off for us......

  4. Snuggling - no better way to reconnect!

    Presumably yours don't wriggle as much as mine ;-)

    I'm hoping (not tempting fate) that winter has lost its grip, and spring is on its way here. I shall send some over :-)

  5. oooooh, are we ever there. the disconnect, not the snuggling. looking at 5 days without papa, without car, and i've got me a bit worried. send me some of that spring air, will ya? my mantra today is "breathe. begin again."...

  6. I've been dreaming of Spring since I got my seed and chick catalogs in January! lol! Glad everything is back to normal at your house. Have a wonderful day!


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