Friday, February 05, 2010

january february four

"Mom.... could you make me a hot-air ballooon?" says the little four year old.
"One that I can fly cars with?"
"Uh... you mean like up in the sky?"
"No, in Trevy's room."
"But you want it to fly cars?"
"Just toy cars."
As if that makes it any more possible for me to solve...
"Let me think for a second..."
Now I have a vague memory of reading about an experiment that uses a hair dryer and a bag, of course the bag floats on the hot air... so I did some checking for "making a hot air balloon".
There are some pretty crafty people out there who are making hot air balloons, but not what I needed. It can't be an all-day project, we've got things to do!
"Well, I dunno, Madd. I don't know if it will lift a car.... but let's try something out...."
So I got a plastic grocery bag, the car that she wanted (luckily it was pretty light), and a single embroidery thread and tied on the car.

(It wasn't twisted and knotted in the beginning :) )

Add some hot air...

Heh.Yes, I'm pretty smug sometimes.

Plans with friends! woohoo!

Maddie wanted to make Soleil a bracelet out of solar beads, so we started that,

and then made a charm for the bracelet, too.

Which led to a necklace,
and more charms.

Trevelyn helped me make cookies

while Madeleine made a couple of paper dolls for her friend's dollhouse....

would you look at that?

Our friends said maybe they could come pick us up and take us to the park....
No thanks. We'll ride!

A bit of Dora on the tellie and a bit of gameboy on the couch,

and then it's time

a bug!

How very lovely to be given this day
-to run
and be warm
and spin and spin
and fly down hills
and pretend for hours
and play hopscotch
and find bugs!
and sing
and find secret places
and shout
and celebrate.

Life is fine, indeed.
And we're happy.


  1. yahoooooooo!!!! that's what we had earlier this week - today? icy rain and snow. humbled.

    pigtails! i see pigtails! which are like baby braids!!!!!

  2. I miss her braids terribly! No more whacky-whacky, hopefully.

  3. What a great post! I love all your pictures of your gorgeous kids. And I am really ogling that hot air balloon experiment. :-)

  4. Mmmmmm.....those cookies look SOOO good.
    I might just have to make some of those!

  5. Oh - lot's of fun - especially the hot air balloon - genius!

  6. 41 degrees and their little friend in a t-shirt???? It must be that you Utahians are used to really COLD weather. :)

  7. Look at all the living you miss out when you are in school. Your kids are an inspiration to me. We are unschooling too but my kids are only 4, 3 and 1 years of age. It'll get so wonderful soon.

  8. Phyllis - well, 41 before we left! I'll bet it got near fifty yesterday when the sun was out! So beautiful!
    and, yes, near fifty feels like seventy sometimes!! :)

  9. Those are some perfect looking chocolate chip cookies!
    I love the bug photo, you know Maya especially would be right there beside her for a closer look :o)


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