Friday, February 12, 2010

february twelve

"Mama... I want to create my craft now."
"Oh, okay. What are you going to create?"
"A Birthday Hat for Soleil."

"Now I need to make Valentines."

We have played Cadoo together (the three of us)

and then Trev read Henry's Freedom Box to Maddie and I,
and I took a turn and read So Happy.

Maddie scooted off to play elsewhere and Trevy and I read the other eight chapters of A Girl, A Boy, and a Monster Cat.
Which Trev was pretty disappointed with, as it had a very abrupt ending.

I consoled him -or tried to- with the first few pages of Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

We have had the composing of music

writing new words to Jingle Bells - with lots of Odes To Santa

research (which could also be called "window shopping")

tidying up

and the making of strawberry cuppy-cakes.

JumpStart (the very last of Second Grade - there is not a third grade World, to my ever-lasting disappointment)

the decorating of strawberry cuppy-cakes

and spoungebob have also been a part of our day.

We've played a few rounds of Subtrax

played with letters and patterns

and have been sorely disappointed for a second time today in the name of Not Happy Endings. (This time I, Carly.)

Finally, we've listened to (and read the book) The Composer Is Dead by Lemony Snicket.
:) A somewhat dark story, to be sure, but it has sparked much discussion and anticipation for our visit with The Symphony, tomorrow.

Lots of questions and making and kisses and hugs and creating today.

And, as usual,
it will do.


  1. The cupcakes look scrumptious! Perfect for Valentine's Day!

  2. Can I cover her in frosting and eat her? She is so cute!!!

  3. Can you send Maddy round? My two are too busy with lego transformers to make *anything*. :-)

  4. Those cupcakes look yummy :) Great pics.

  5. The picture of Maddie with the cupcake batter does look a lot like Quinny and the brownie batter the other day! Yes, we do seem to have a lot of sweetness at our houses these days!
    As always I have enjoyed a peek at your days. Thanks for making the day a bit sweeter by it.

  6. Okay now I want to make cupcakes too! Thanks for another peak at life on the other side of the mountains.

  7. Yum! Cupcakes - we love Cadoo too!

  8. I'll have a cuppy cake please, thank-you :o) that's such a sweet shot of Maddie making cupcakes while looking out the window.


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