Saturday, February 13, 2010

february thirteen

We were supposed to go play with the symphony this morning, but when we got there, all the tickets were already sold. woops!
Grandma (Eric's Mom) and my sister and Cousins were there to play with us, so we decided to head to breakfast and make a plan for our day. 'Twas raining, so....

to breakfast

and to the children's museum!
(let me just say that I was very apprehensive about this... I mean, "on a Saturday!?!"
turned out to be not quite so bad as all that. phew.)

gardening window boxes

delivering the post

water play.

trevelyn. he wasn't stuck. just having fun. ??? :)



the news.

creating animation.

ground control. (rescue helicopter.)


home again
home again (several hours later)
jiggety jig.

to books.

and computer play.

and I, Carly.

and Legos.

and who knows what else?!
you never can tell.


  1. "delivering the post" made me smile! The energy showed up in the pic. :)

  2. looks like the impromptu plans worked out! im so jealous of you childrens museum... ours is a little sad :(

  3. We are so jealous of your children's museum! What an amazing place.

    But I think Trev's stuck :-)

  4. Sam-
    :). I stood over him to make sure he didn't get hurt and could get out. Why anyone would want to put half their body into such a small space (and stay that way for a few minutes!) is beyond me!

  5. What a bummer they were sold out:( At least you still got to have fun:)

  6. What a great place!! Love the postman shot.

  7. That looks like a great museum. Our art museum recently added those animation stations and my kiddos love it! lol Trev in the doghouse

  8. good choice for a rainy day :)

  9. WOW

    There is nothing as cool as this in the whole of the UK, I don't think.

    I want to be where you are. We would go there every single day.

    Soooo cool.


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