Friday, February 19, 2010

february nineteen

Two sick babies means loooooots of snuggles, as you know.

This morning it also meant a couple of art projects.

And a quick trip to the craft store by myself. (Daddy wasn't due at work, yet, and quite willing to dole out lots of love.)

Got a stack of wooden dinosaur puzzles. :)

Some new markers for Maddie.

And a few other craft supplies for projects.

We finished the stained glass window project

and then created beautiful stained glass candle holders

and Maddie made invitations -and envelopes for the invitations- to her birthday party.

(It's still in June.)

Little Son has spent the day being cuddled and coddled and loved and sleeping and watching the tellie from the couch.

I don't imagine there will be too much action later on this evening around here...
But we've had beautiful colors and loads of love and an abundance of gentleness -
not a whole lot more a Mama can ask for than that.
G'night, then.


  1. Yep, it's not June yet. But, boy oh boy...she's going to be prepared!

    Hope everyone feels better soon. :)

  2. I love the stained glass. How fun! My girls make out invites for their parties and dream all year it seems like until their next party. This year my 3yo wants a rainbow party (in August). Dreaming of summer...

  3. hope they're feeling better soon. but my! oh! my! those stained glass purties are sooo sooo purty!

  4. Love the stained glass projects!

    I am so sorry to hear that your babes are sick too. My had the stomach bug that I battled on Wednesday. Not fun! They seem just fine today but yesterday was a mushy day full of snuggles, Nick Jr and laundry.

    Hope that they are feeling better today!

  5. Sorry Trev's feeling under the weather. I'm sure he'll enjoy the beautiful stained glass work you and Maddie have been working on when he's feeling better :)

  6. Get well wishes are sent your way!

  7. Spring light and colours can only help everyone feel better :-)

    Hope they feel better soon.

  8. I love stained glass. So pretty! And Maddie's invites look wondreful! :)

  9. The 'stained glass' is beautiful - I hope everyone is feeling better soon!


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