Thursday, February 11, 2010

february eleventh

I woke up this morning to snow... that was a surprise.

I mean - :) - I know it's winter and all, but our extremely mild weather has marched us merrily into some sort of suspended Playland... not like it's Spring, exactly, but it is as if winter has been held off... almost dismissed.

Soon enough this morning I remembered that building a snowman is still on the children's list of things to do this winter, and I started thinking "park... snowman.... sledding...." and since it is family day today, I put it to the other three (or four, but Annabelle will happily go where the rest do), and they were game.

So we puttered around the house for a while
(in our usual style of puttering)

dressing up dolls

making a book

decorating a knapsack


doin' puzzles

playin on the computer

rasslin' with Daddy....

and then it was time to go.

And, sure enough, we did the things we set out to do.

And did quite a bit of adventuring, besides.

I'm so thankful that so many of our nearby parks have these little wild places

-well, not wild like along the Amazon, you understand - but these little streams and natural areas that are still the way they've been for a long, long time...
spots that tumble and roar,

that summon forth the imagination

and encourage derring-do's.

So once again, today we were called,
and once again we eagerly answered "Yes!"

We eventually arrived back at our warm house
to a civilized dinner
and rather uncivilized baths
and now there's some movie watching going on -
along with some wild sort of dancing.

Sounds about usual, doesn't it?
We'll see you tomorrow.


  1. I just have to stop and say that I found the photo of your little girl making a book so wonderfully adorable....I love seeing the creative bug passed on to children...well done mommy!

    come see me sometime...

    nice to meet you..i'll read on your blog some more now...

  2. I am always the one on the fringes of the park letting the kids muck about in the stream while the other parents call their kids back to the play structure...such a bad influence, I am! Your day looks wonderful.

    Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog; you made my day.

    And I said it there in response, but just in case you don't see it: your blog shows the beauty of your days every day so well; no need for 30 days.

  3. Ooooh! Snow!!! Fun stuff!

  4. Your kids look like they are having marvelous adventures out in nature... it just makes me smile :D

  5. Making a snowman is still on our list of things to do too. Every time it has snowed this year it has not been good packing snow. The last snowstorm that we were supposed to get turned into a big dud, so we are still waiting to check that one off our list.

    Love the pics of the kids exploring the park. You take the best pictures!

  6. I know what you mean about winter being conspicuously absent..... our "reminder" will no doubt arrive shortly.

    Maddie's pigtails and Trev's exploring in the stream - good stuff :0)

    Enjoy your weekend.

  7. We've done our snowman, so I'm happy for no more snow.
    Looks like a fun day - especially the stream :-)

  8. How wonderful for you all that you had a snow day to do all those lovely snow things. And just look at all that nature adventuring and playing - a perfect day! Have a lovely weekend, Stephanie!

  9. I am so glad I discovered your blog. It is special.
    I started homeschooling in January and began a blog. I aspire to create something like yours.

  10. Ah still comes the snow! I love that you answer *yes*.
    I've been catching up on some is busy. ;)

  11. that is one hugenormous bottle of tackyglue, but she puts it to great use doesn't she. Way to answer yes!


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