Thursday, February 18, 2010

february eighteen

Well, it's official.
I've totally and completely given myself permission to think Spring!.
I have no excuse or justification, other than Mama Nature has winked and nodded and slid us enough pleasant surprises to not only make me blow her a kiss, but I've now formally curtsied, and told her that I accept.
Add to that the fact that we celebrate our Spring holiday on March 20th - which is just one month away, I'm sure I don't have to tell you - and sigh.... the daydreams begin.

So I worked on Washi eggs, today.

Admittedly, the first four are quite... raw and inelegant.... only the last two I've made are really somewhat presentable. Still, playing with pinks and yellows and spring greens is quite a pleasant pastime, regardless.
Maddie has begun hers, as well.

We sat down with a taaaaall stack of library books today (as we need to return them) - there were number and math books, picture books, ScoobyDoo books, and animal books.

The next little while was spent as each of us saw fit,

and then we came together again for a game we made up, which we are calling Guess What?

It's a sculpting, acting, drawing game that is similar to Cadoo, but that is non-competitive, and suits our family a little better, as we've made it up to suit our needs. I'm actually quite pleased with the thoughtful and creative aspects of it...

Trevy and I sat with Math Blaster for about an hour

and other than these slow and meandering activities,

we've had lots of videos

and naps

and snuggles.

The babies are down and out today (the first colds in I don't know how long -all fall/winter year?- Trev held out 'til now - though still 'tis only a nighttime cough) so they've been 'tucked into' with lots of Mama's remedies and juice, so our pace was slow so as not to require much exertion.

Still -
we're satisfied,
and loved,
and happy as we can be with sore throats and lungs that are too tender for much of the usual running and jumping.

Because what life offers us is-
as always-
much more than Good Enough.


  1. Very nice. We had a very similar day as we're under the weather too.

    Did you use a kit with special paper for the washi eggs?

  2. I love the eggs!
    Hope all are feeling tip-top soon!

  3. Your eggs are great! So beautiful. My fingers are getting twitchy for a "spring is coming!" project, too. I like to make french beaded flowers in the late winter to have ready for spring.

  4. Please please please share how you did the eggs. They are so lovely and sing "spring"! I have not celebrated any kind of spring holiday in ages, this year I am quite resolved to. Rebirth, fresh starts, all quite enticing to me. :)

  5. Thinking spring already? We had a gorgeous day today, but I don't want to get my hopes up, so I'm gonna wait a little longer before I break out the pastel colors.

  6. Well, I was confident that spring was well on it's way here, but we had snow yesterday! Thankfully all gone, and sunny today.

    I like the washi eggs - never heard of those. They look really pretty.

    Hope you're all feeling full of bounce again soon :-)

  7. The eggs are beautiful. I'll have to look up how to make some myself! ;)

    Get well soon!

  8. I'm so ready to curtsy and accept spring!! Your Washi eggs look lovely to me :o)


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