Tuesday, February 02, 2010

feb two

Maddie had already started on an art project this morning

when shortly thereafter two boxes of Create! loot were dropped on our doorstep.

So there went our day!......

Maddie has made about twenty-five creations like this today-
butterflies, kings with crowns, hearts, flowers, a robot, whatever she can think of....

I finally got the hallway fixed how I want it....

we're just gluing wooden clothes pins willy-nilly to our brick walls (our designated Art area), and it's actually looking pretty fine.

And now we have lots more room for our Art.
And don't have to have to fight the nails/brick wall battle.

Aside from all that,

there's been tag

and SpoungeBob

and SuperMario3

and UmiZumi for Maddie

and a paper snow sled for cars

and Math Bingo

and Checkers

and starting a weaving project

and I dunno what else.

Oh, and currently Cars. Because they fixed the dvd. With toothpaste.
My babes know how to do Research.

I'm tired,
sooooo tired
(early Moontime.... since I'm so eager to part with personal information, lately)

so I'll sign off and say, "Prob'ly we'll see you tomorrow...."


  1. Love, love the art wall and the clothespin idea!

  2. i love it when that happens! you wake up not expecting anything and then suddenly BAM! a beautiful surprise is literally dropped on your doorstep!

    love that art wall

  3. The clothes pin idea is so awesome. What do you do to store all your kids's artwork? I have so many drawers full and I don't even keep everything.

  4. Katherine -
    [grin] I take pictures of them and put them on our blog - which will be printed up and put into books for them. :)

  5. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful...i love it all!

  6. Oh, dear. I am absolutely going to glue clothespins to our brick wall now.

  7. Ok, I really love the clothespin idea, your hallway looks wonderful! And how cute is she in her pink frilly skirt just painting away :o)

  8. I love your "art area". We need something similar around here. Supplies where the boys can get them as they need them and be aware of what we have instead of packed away in plastic containers. Trying to envision where and what right now:)


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