Sunday, January 03, 2010

Winter's Flowers

Yesterday when we were Out, Maddie and I collected things that caught our eye. I love walking through nature’s areas and having things call to me! This time of year it’s often Red that speaks to me – so beautiful against the soft browns and whites of deep winter.

We emptied our pockets of our treasures last night, placed them in a bowl, and this morning got out the box that holds our sticks, rosehips, jute, wire, pines, and dried flowers we’ve collected over the last few weeks… and then set to work. Not having any idea what we would make!

As it turns out, we were making winter’s flowers.

I thought that I’d put some wires together for Maddie to decorate as she wished. I kept them stable with hot glue, and placed a birch cone in the center.

Birch cones for petals, rosehips for centers, snowberries, flowers, glittered rosehips, whatever… lots of things will make beautiful winter flowers.

I love this idea of Madeleine’s! As soon as we get more of these, I’m going to make more flowers like hers.


When the flowers were done, I hot-glued them at the back to reinforce them, and also onto sticks that we collected from our frozen gardens.

These can be used for lots of different winter projects....

Happy Winter to you.

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  1. Those are simply inspired. I really, really love this idea. Your blog is heaven. I just subscribed.

  2. These are just lovely. What a great idea.


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