Tuesday, January 26, 2010

two days

pretend play.

snake talk.

performing monologues.

reminiscing over childhood pets (however temporary) and adventures (yes, even babies can evidently reminisce with fondness and a sigh :) ).

body exploration.
and tag and tag andtagandtagandtag. with an inexhaustible Daddy.

game after game after game. with Daddy.

more pretend play. with Daddy.

butterfly painting.

planning and practicing talents.



body explorations.

Thesaurus Discovery. introduction to words like 'colonnade', 'piazza', 'stoa', 'portico', 'mosque', and 'cupola'.

trying to figure out secret codes.


"The better it smells, the Gooder it taste- es. Right, Mom?"

practicing for a talent show.

taking care of computer business.

computer play.

Family Talent Show
which looked like:

setting the stage, gathering props, and making score cards.

and then:

a puppet show

a reading of "Jabberwocky" by Lewis Carroll in my very best dark, Poe-ish voice.

(yes, I impressed them.)

playing musical instruments.


more puppets

singing the I, Carly theme song - in fast motionwith the microphone. for extra coolness.

tea bag rockets (twice.)
tea bag rockets for Trev's next performance, too. with explanations how hot air rises and hot air currents. Impressive.

and then tea bag rockets for Maddie's next performance, too.

balancing nails.

fascinating stories.

the first with a wolf named Larry. lol. and the second with a wicked witch named Larry.

and a grand performance demonstrating the trustworthiness of inertia with raw eggs. in the livingroom.

"Give me your best 'Gasp! What's going to happen!?!' faces!" :)

I got points for that one, too.

we took an intermission for our show, and while we were each doing whatever it is we were doing Daddy came home from skiing, so we came together again in the name of Bowling.

Trev wanted to go to a real bowling alley (I imagine one that smelled of coffee and beer and hamuburgers and bowling shoes and cigarettes and that had candy machines from the 1970's) so that was where we were going!
and we were very excited! until we got to the counter, and discovered that it would be like eight-five dollars (a slight exaggeration) for us all to bowl, and I wasn't real excited about that. I thought it shouldn't be that much money (the last time we went bowling they lost interest after throwing the ball like three times), and didn't feel happy about it. so we left. with a stop on the way out In Which Eric Once Again Impresses The Hell Out Of His Little Son.

since everyone was feeling disappointed and discouraged, we came home and Mama checked with our neighborhood (fancy, kid-friendly) bowling alley, and it was quite a bit cheaper. and more importantly, we felt welcome and excited to play.
so we were Off! again. and had a wonderful time!

I think Trevelyn is A Real Bowler. He does dances. He's very serious. He got three spares and one strike. Nevermind that he runs full force up to the line and then throws it mightily, or that it bounces off the gutter-guards a few times, it is his process, it's always the same, and it works for him. And it's very amusing.

Maddie's took a while sometimes.

what can I say? we had beer and video games and flashing lights and victory dances and mucho laughter and two full games (without getting bored) of hucking balls against pens.

We're good.
Life's good.

And now on to Today!


  1. One of my favorite acts at the NEUC talent show was a girl sitting in a chair reciting "The Jabberwocky" while her father and brother acted it out on stage behind her!
    Looks like another busy and fun day... I am all over the tea bag trick!

  2. Just did the tea bag rocket - loads o' fun.

    We'll be doing the "Ivory Soap in the Microwave" tomorrow - I love the Steve Spangler site...

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I don't think this day could have gotten much better, do you??? holy wah. i need to teach my girls how to light matches...yes, that is my take-away from this post...lol.

  4. I don't think (let's hope, since I don't know about it) that mine know how. I gave them a birthday candle to light the rocket with.

  5. Looks like another fabulous day! Love the tea bag rockets! I'll be filing that one away for when my girls are a wee bit older! :)

  6. did you read annie's post on Sensible Living about the five things you should let your kids do (this was a while ago...)? i think playing with fire was one of them, and i remember thinking, gee, i am not sure how to even teach my kids how to light a match without my heart leaping out of my chest...! birthday candles are a great compromise.

  7. I know what you mean about expensive bowling...we did that once by accident when we went bowling with friends before we were married and we had to really pool money to pay for it! We had always thought that it was an inexpensive sport! You are lucky to have choices of places to go.

  8. It looks like you guys had a great time bowling! You should record your reading of Jabberwocky. :)

  9. What a fantastic day! I smiled all the way through the post.

    Puppets... I love puppets. They are so expensive. I always am looking for them at thrift stores and garage sales.

  10. I'll be making a point to check out your science goodies !!

    Our little homeschool group frequents the local bowling alley too although Owen enjoys the arcade space more than the bowling.

    Fun day for you all!

  11. Yea, for a wolf named Larry!


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!