Friday, January 29, 2010

two days. again.

I haven't told you that that my friend Codename: HRMJ sent me an email the other day, saying "This is coming to you." That "This" was the film "Race To Nowhere". Julie and I went. All about the education system (homeschooling mentioned nor implied once), and the asinine pressures put upon children of all ages to Succeed and Do More and Live To Please Others. Ick. I cried in the first few minutes, and then I got really pissed, and then it was sad again, and then I just wanted to shout to the families on the screen "Why the hell don't you just take them out of school!?!" sigh.
If it comes to you, go see it. The lady that made the film was there presenting it to us, and so there was some audience participation at the end. Go check it out. Do what you can. Love your babies. See if you can get a "no homework" policy in your district, if your children are in school in the U.S.

Yesterday there was music.
and more music.

and funky art. :)
and magnetic experiments.

and an almost-thawing

and the pleasure of this

-which is still, of course, right next to this-

and there was cuteness

and dinner
(and the film)

and games of running tag with Dad outside at 10pm.
Can't wait 'til it's warm and we can do that.

and then, there's today, which looks like:

research. Medusa.
Pandora's box.
all on his own. yup.

discussions of shane mcconky, ski designs, and avalanches


such as to our neighborhood library. have you noticed that we haven't gone lately? that's because I had an astronomical fine. I was pretty sure that they had my face posted on the glass door, with the words WANTED underneath it. I finally got brave today and went in there. They knocked off $40. Oh, yes. I said forty dollars. I still owed them $46!! Don't ask. It's stupid. (It's paid. We can go in there again.)

games. apples to apples (love that, always play it with eric's family at holidays), twister, apples to apples junior, and cadoo. another little loom (a different kind), a little gumball machine, magnifying glasses, and scientific stoppers.
shirts for Mama.
underwear for Mama. which is, of course, the Very Best Thing of all. well-- besides that we can now go to our library again. don't you just love new underwear??? I always think, "Thank God!"

I'm not sure what else has been going on - been in my own head a lot the last couple of days, thinking about and making plans for olm (too.). Thinking about care packages, OLM style. :) brain-storming about that.

tonight has been about Twister (Trevy is loving that) and we played Cadoo for a few minutes (til the babies wandered off for a snack). I've never played it before tonight - it seems like something our family will really love! I look forward to it.

We're good.
Life's good.Trev's on his computer, Maddie is sleeping on Annabelle, while Annabelle runs and woofs in her sleep. I see my book at my feet, so I'm just gonna reach for that....



  1. Over $80!!!! Yikes, what a bad girl you are!

    (For the record, my biggest fine was over $100. :) Ains accidently dropped a pitcher of water on a pile of books.)

    I'm going to check out that movie. I'd like to be outraged about something besides the poor job of relief distribution in Haiti right now ...

  2. Cadoo, cadoo, cadoo!!! Love it!!! Anything cranium actually, but cadoo is the best by far!!! There a bit of real scientific market research for you!!!

  3. I get a codename? That is awesome!
    I can't wait to see it. I still need to watch War on Kids, too...

    So much to say to this post...

    *The magnet pictures are awesome.
    *The mud must have been so cold!
    *We went through a major mythology phase here. It is such fun.
    *I think we may single handedly keep our library funded with our fees. Awful.
    *I LOVE new underwear!!!
    *I would like to fall asleep on Annabelle, too. (I miss my McKinley)
    *Your kids are too yummy for mere words.


    *If I wasn't so happy in my life, I would want yours!

  4. We ALWAYS have some crazy library fines. Once my husband actually managed to run over a library DVD with his bicycle (and then "forgot" to tell me, so that when I got the fines letter I called him, furious that the library would accuse us of damaging a DVD, and he was all "ummm...").

    In my own mind I consider our string of overdue fines as necessary support for the library's programs and infrastructure. Try it--it totally helps.

  5. Julie -
    Oh, I'm no stranger to fines! And I totally look at it like suppporting our library system (and "paying" for books on tape and a few borrowed cd roms), but $86 is more than I can comfortably afford! :/ oof.

  6. Maddies is rockin' that fuzzy blue hat!

    The funky art is great.

    I will no longer feel bad about my 13 dollar ibrary fine. I'm glad they knocked 40 off the top for you - after all, homeschoolers are probably some of their best patrons!!

  7. Nice to know I'm not the only who "single handedly keep[s] our library funded with our fees"!

    My mom tells me I should just buy the used books there, it'd be cheaper, haha.

    Love the walking barefoot in the mud! Though I agree that'd be pretty cold this time of year!

  8. Oh, it was extremely cold!!!
    But it wasn't frozen...

  9. Last time we had major fees (MAJOR) they let it go because we had had the flu. I thought that was awesome!

  10. LOL!! I can totally relate to the fine thing! I lose a book about once a year, and I never get books back on time... guess that's why my dhubby won't let me borrow his library card. :)

    Love the picture of Maddie in that hat and boa. We had both, in exactly those same colors. My girls loved the floof too! :)

    And new underwear is awesome! Congrats! :)

  11. Love the crying, then mad then sad part. Such lucky little kids with happy joyful faces:)

  12. she owns that fuzzy blue hat! lol so cute. I'm needing to check my library fines as we speak and yes, new pantaloons..always a good thing.

  13. I am SO LUCKY my library doesn't do late fees, but I'm still keeping them in business with paying for lost books and whatnot.

    Delurking to say I love your blog, and especially I love those magnet men faces! Too funny.

  14. Melissa - all I can say is Wow.
    No late fees.

    Hey! De-lurking is a fine, fine thing! :) Thanks so much for doing it And thanks for the compliment, too!


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