Sunday, January 17, 2010

sunday sunday

One of the greatest perks of living an unschooling life is not the freedom - though that is certainly enough in itself - but that you get used to ... just .... well, living.
I mean... you wake up at six, and think "I want to go to the library today," so you tell your husband as he gets ready for work on Sunday morning, and you both decide that you'll take him to work so you can have the truck.
You get the babies up, and all pile into the warm truck (suv, whatever) -in your jammies- and head downtown.
On the way back home, the three of you that are left start talking and thinking.
"Wanna go to Daddy's work for breakfast?" Eric is Chef, so it's something that we can do. "I was thinking of going to the big city library, too.... want to?"
And so you come home and watch Leonardo da Vinci, so you can take it back to the library. And then you get a book from the shelf on the same...
Soon enough you're checking out the planetarium online (because you have memberships), and wondering if you want to see "Secret of the Cardboard Rocket" for the fourth time or "Mystery of the Nile" which you haven't seen. You look up the trailer, and watch it. And it seems like a good idea...
And you take the funky king-sized sleepingbags to the coin-op laundry to wash them and come home to shower and get ready for the day and hurry and back to the laundry so the attendant doesn't get mad at you for taking up her super-size load washers and then abandoning your stuff...
and then you go to breakfast.
And you get to sit and drink iced tea while their Daddy races the babes outside on the downtown sidewalk.
After a yummy breakfast you go to the library - and piddle, and look at movies, and get ScoobyDoo and Nature and Teddy Roosevelt books.
After playing near the fountain and racing around the stone pathways, you think it's time to go to the planetarium... so you do.
And you're on time to see "Mystery of the Nile" and you're glad and you like it.
And when you're leaving downtown -after several hours of adventure- someone asks if you can go to the park, and you think, "Why not?" and you all start talking about which one.
In the name of adventure, a little boy chooses one that you haven't been to in about a year, and so you head up the hill from home.
After much play (and not quite enough sunshine) everyone is again hungry, and quite finished, and ready to come home.
So you come home and drop the overly-full cloth grocery bag of books onto the floor, and immediately it gets rummaged through and you go into the kitchen to fix the requested (quick) meal, and eventually everyone settles into a computer
or a television
or a book.
And it works.
You had no idea how the day was going to go when you first woke up
and still
It Works.


  1. AMEN! love love love those days. we had one ourselves, though much much closer to home...(i also just love the label "the magic of us". your attitude washes away some of the negative stuff i've been carrying around lately!!)

  2. yeah, i'm so glad to have these kinda days quite frequently! ;-)

  3. Sounds like home, I am so glad my kids are not in school and we don't have to schedule everything... The thought of waking babes before they are finished sleeping to get to school on time is more awful than I can think about!!! We are definitely wanderers through life!!!

  4. Awesome post! These types of days are usually the best. :)

  5. You guys are the bees knees :0)

  6. oof, I hope this doesn't sound arrogant or insulting...

    It was a good day, but it wasn't an exceptional day. My point is that it's usual, you know? I mean... to someone who doesn't live this way -sans a lesson plan- it might seem strange or chancy or not-learning enough or flighty, but to us, it was perfectly normal and ordinary.
    Though I did get to see a man sitting on a park bench (downtown at the library) feeding birds. Never in my life -except in movies- have I seen that.
    Trevelyn observed that "because my hands were wet (from snow) my hands didn't burn on the firepole from friction like they usually do!"
    The point is that you just get used to Living, and I guess it's extraordinary, maybe, but mostly it's just Ordinary.
    Living and saying Yes just becomes what you do everyday.
    It just becomes a part of you.
    A perk. :)

  7. I want lots more days like that. They always turn out so well when I remember not to force things.

  8. I miss those days. I used to homeschool all of my kids, but I just don't want to deal with the paperwork/portfolios for high schoolers. Now I am a slave to their schedule..... since I can't change my situation, I think if maybe I change my attitude about it I can regain the magic. Here's hopin'!

  9. Right on! I was talking to a friend the other day, and she asked me how I will deal with the days after the new baby has a "bad night" I told her that we will simply go with the flow as we always have. The beauty of unschooling. We are so spoiled by not having to get up at a set time, or got to bed at a set time.

    Lovely post, and a wonderful Sunday you all had.


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