Monday, January 25, 2010

Science Play!

It was suggested that maybe Ordinary Life Magic (Too.) could host a Science Fair.

This time with or without a give-away, as you choose.

So! That's what we're gonna do.

A place for everyone to link with others' blogs, and share what they've been playing with, concocting, or exploding.

All science projects are accepted - quick or extended, as you choose.
You can enter as many projects as you like (dated from now until February 28, 2010).

I've started off the list with three Fabuloso's that I am planning to wow my family with at our Family Talent Show that will be held here in a couple of hours. :)

All you have to do to be included is to leave a comment on the Science Fair Entries page, and I'll put you in! (And it doesn't matter if you or others in the list have done the experiment before, it will still be entered.)

Hope you can play! I look forward to seeing everyone's scientific explorations!

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  1. What a great idea! Yay homeschoolers! I'm gonna have to come up with something.



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