Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Science Give-away

Hey there amigos.
Wanted to let you know (for US and Canada residents only - sorry, not my choice! :( ) I'm having a give-away over at olm (too.).

It's for Set #9 from The Young Scientist Series - this is a three kit set, and includes
Kit #25 - Magnetism
Kit #26 - Static Electricity
Kit #27 Tornadoes, Clouds, and Water Cycle

I haven't had time to dig into it, yet (it just got here today, and we took off to the zoo) but some of the experiments include shaping magnetic fields with filings, constructing a magna doodle, bending water, creating lightning sparks, making cereal jump, learning about the water cycle, forming clouds in a jar, and making a tornado with two liter bottles.
If you have young children and haven't done many of these experiments, yet, this would be a great set for you to get you started with learning more about these energies.
There is also information for each kit online for extended investigations or learning.

Read about it more here, and just leave a comment to be entered.


  1. How do you ladies get your hands on all of these cool give aways? I have been wanting to do a unit study on magnets for about six months now but we don't have any good magnets around the house except for a few fridge magnets...this kit would be great!

  2. Hey,
    Just found your blog a few days ago, and am finding your day to day joy inspiring. I unschool my three littles, and just today we made the salt volcano you have on your blog....looking forward to many more ideas to come (not to mention how reading your posts about all your joy with your kids reminds me to be surprised by my own joy. :)


  3. Hi Stephanie!
    I tried to start a blog long ago, but it was a mix of many things where as this time I am compartmentalizing my blogs into areas of interest partly in the hopes that I will meet wonderful new people (like you!). I found your blog a while back and just loved that I am trying to enter daily homeschool adventures here, I hope to read more of your blog and others too. Thank you for taking the time to say hi - so nice to meet you!

  4. well, I'm looking forward to your review anyway.

    Still trying to get the balancing nails to work. Such a failure ;-)

  5. My three are really into tornadoes right now! Perfect giveaway. Oh, I tried your egg inertia experiment yesterday and it was a huge hit! I practiced before the kids got up and it was nerve wracking!!! But it worked:) Thanks.

  6. Those kits look wonderful. Would love the chance at winning them.

  7. Sorry everyone!
    Looks like I didn't make it clear that comments need to be made at olm (too.)!
    So scoot over there to be entered into the drawing!

  8. Very cool! My boy is super into science! When does the giveaway end? i didn't see a date on your other blog. i'll head over and enter in a bit! thanks!

  9. I have two science crazy boys at home that would just love these kids. *crossing fingers*


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