Saturday, January 23, 2010

january twenty-threeeee

We began our day by digging out all of our loot. :)

We've never had Hobby Lobby stores here, (I always think of my favorite, Holly Hobbie, so you may hear me call it that from time to time), but yesterday we took a drive north into the next county to my sister's neighborhood - and there it was!
Imagine my excitement.
A brand new (to me) craft store! wheeeeeeee!

A couple of months ago I had the idea that the paper heart love notes we made last year about this time would possibly make lovely little Valentine toys for my babes.
So I tackled that one this morning.

They turned out very well!

Very excited.
'Course, Maddie had to get in on that Create!, and made her own adorable little creature.

At first it was intended for her friend Julie, and then she changed it to Daddy. :) I'm sure she'll make you another, Julie....

Yup, I love hers best of all.

Madeleine then made a My Little Ponies book
(her own idea, plan, and story)

while Mama got busy on weaving.

Love this, too!

Maddie wanted a turn....

What a creative day we've had.

I'm not sure what Trevelyn has been doing today - :) - though he has been here-- the sleepover didn't take last night.
Don't you love those late night calls? The sweet, sweet little voice asking, "Do you miss me, Mom?"

Something like computer play and Tag with his Daddy and tickles from Grammy and could be that's about it.

And now there is steam rising from the stovetop,
the sky darkens
something that smells delicious rises from the oven
and all is well and quiet here with the falling snow.

We'll probably be about a quiet movie and popcorn soon.

An' prob'ly, too, we'll see you tomorrow....



  1. So this morning I ws thinking that I wanted to make some Valentines out of felt and was thinking about how I would put those together. I was visualizing topstitching and buttons...I will integrate that with some of the patterns you have used here. Adorable!!!

  2. I love those looms. My kids have replenished my hot pads from weaving them for me. :)

    Love the Valentine animals! <3

  3. I love the little heart creatures! :) Great work!

  4. YAY, Hobby Lobby!! Just a word of caution - do not ever go there with less than an hour to spend! We tried (the mailbox trip) to do it all in a half an hour and neither kiddos nor mama felt very happy about having to leave without so many things on their list...if only it weren't so far away. probably good for my piggy bank, tho...we also came home with embroidery floss, sculpey, and wooden eggs...a little random, but i think it will all come together some day....

  5. I got wooden eggs, too! And some beautiful paper to cover them....

  6. I loved my Holly Hobbie as a kid:)

    The felt valentines are very cool.

    Maddie's book is very sweet, and I remember those plastic looms as a child. I made quite a few pot holders with mine:)

  7. Love the weaving! The little looms are so much fun. :)

  8. I read my own little girlie your My Little Pony book, and she LOVES it!

  9. Very sweet Valentines crafts.

    I'm thinking about getting a small loom for the boy to try.

  10. we love our loom - it has gotten a lot of use. always something to 'try' in there. love your colors.

    sounds nice to have family close enough for sleep overs and visits. :)

  11. lovely creativity.. as I was reading Maddie's book, I looked over and saw Maya's sticker book made with ballerina bunnies right here on the table, cute! Your weaving is sweet too with that ribbon <3 Shona


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