Thursday, January 28, 2010

january twenty-seven

Yesterday we had plans to go to the zoo with friends, so of course the day began at like six:something with "Whenarewegoingtothezoo?"

First up we had to make cleaners. Mmmmmm. Love that.

One of my favorite chores, to be sure.

Our package came in the mail - science kits! woohoo! We got that out and bounced some washer-shaped magnets around on pencils for a while. :) And then chased things around on the table. Love magnet play. Particularly north-to-north and south-to-south play.

Maddie finished up her beautiful mailbox.

My friend Slim from Plot 55 showed these a week or so ago, and I just had to have some - they're going right onto the shelf in the livingroom cabinet, so that I can easily leave love notes, presents, and treats in them for my babies from time to time. So excited about that!

Time to get ready!
At last!!!

The last few times we've been to the zoo we've had really exceptional experiences. Lots of surprising things from the animals, it's like everything was especially alive.
Yesterday the agenda was just Run! and Play!-- and that's exactly what our day was mostly like. We didn't see verra many animals, as it was dang cold and many animals can't be viewed when they're inside (which is quite alright with me, I wouldn't want to witness their misery, anyway).

But there was popcorn
and wagon rides

and snowball fights (super fun, that)

and reptiles
and a baby giraffe
and walk-talky play
and the playground
and carousel rides.

Not bad.

And then, of course, three hours with friends is never enough, so more play at their house was in order.
And, as always, we stayed until they kicked us out. :) (I'm teasing. They would never do so. Well - at least, they haven't yet!)

Life is sweet, isn't it?
See you tonight.


  1. Sounds like a good day :-)

    I love the pink flouncy skirt/tutu peeking out from under the umbrella!

  2. Awesome day! - we used to love the zoo when we lived close to one Columbia, SC...

  3. I've kissed a spider monkey through the glass at that zoo. (I really did! So sweet!)

    The zoo is my favorite! Looks like great fun! Dang! Wasn't yesterday the free day?! I've got to remember in February!

  4. Never thought of going to the zoo in the winter....hmmmm.

  5. Seriously, you have the best days! :)

    Love the cleaners! I have been wanting to make more of a variety of cleaners but was not sure of any good recipes. Thanks so much for sharing the link to the ones you make. I think we are going to make making cleaners our February One Small Change.

    I picked up a couple of the mailboxes like Maddie is decorating at Target for the girls a couple of weeks ago so I could leave them love notes and treats too. Never though of decorating them though. We may have to take a cue from you and follow suit! I love Valentine's Day and am really looking forward to celebrating it all month long. There is nothing like lots of red, pink and white hearts to perk up the winter months!

  6. A fun day! It has been a long, long time since we went to the zoo.

  7. I sort of think that our zoo ships some if its animals down to a different location in Texas for the winter. That sounds weird, though--could that be right?

  8. Maddie is dressed soo cute! I really like your cleaner link too, thanks :o)


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